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Thread: 2000 VW Golf - MKIV

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    2000 VW Golf - MKIV

    I've finally got some pics to post. I took a long time finding the right paint, and had to redo the bondo 3 times. I'm happy with the results. Notice the USB port and power on button (for suspend, it's a laptop) fabricated into the dash by hazard lights.

    PC: Compaq V5000 notebook. I have it set to suspend after 3 minutes on battery (power is supplied via the ignition). I'm not using a power inverter - like 12v to 120v, back down to 19v for the pc. I'm going from 12v to 19v, via a power adapter that is hard wired. And of course, I had to build that convoluted circuit to get the audio to work with the monsoon crossover/amp. (Thanks to Kbyrd for his amazing faq)

    Thanks to fluxmedia for a kick *** front end (centrafuse) - and to everyone else who has been patient with all my questions.


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    sweet! congrats!

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    nice work

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