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Thread: Another subaru legacy. 06 wagon

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    Another subaru legacy. 06 wagon


    Thats a better picture of the roadrunner menu page.

    Here is a youtube of it in actino the night I finished it.


    I'll get some better pictures of the stuff up this weekend when I have some time.

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    what RR skin is that?

    and what is that second song you're playing, not the wheezer but the other one?

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    Its my own RR skin. I based it off of KUO but for my own needs. I'm still changing some things and will post it once I get it nice and smooth. I haven't installed a backup cam yet though, so that area does nothing.

    Strange, since you're not the first person to ask about the second song. I'm not sure which one you're talking about so I'll list all the songs I scrolled through.

    Weezer - Undone (the Sweater Song)
    (scrolled forward) Weezer - Hold Me (with that piano'y intro)
    (then scrolled back to) Weezer - Undone (the Sweater Song)
    (selected from song menu) Weezer - We Are All on Drugs

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    Can we get some lighted pics of the dash?
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