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Love that car, always have, always will.. I had a DCM '96 and wish I still had it.. but imho, those rims are unnecessarily loud and detract from the sleeper factor. But to each their own.

BTW, if you're ever in the market for a CAI, this is the one: http://www.clearimageautomotive.com/...ngine/SSRI.htm
Appreciate the compliment. The car is no sleeper, everyone and thier grandmothers know that by now
Thanks for the link but I have that set up along with Borla exhaust and Edlebrock headers(oh yeah, and a tranny shift switch )....my only issue is I keep getting a check engine light from the oil on the filter getting on the sensor. Kind of annoying cause I hate orange light on my dash! Especially that one in particular since it usually means I have to spend some more money!!!