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    1994 Integra

    This is my 1994 Integra. When I got the car the dash had some deep gouges top center that I hated looking at. I stripped off the original vinyl, molded in an 8" ebay monitor, and wrapped it in suede. Since the pictures I've replaced the carpet and the seats from another Integra. Total cost under 200.
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    Nice install, but do you only use the touchscreen for input or do you have an external keyboard too. Still it looks like it has always been there. Can't wait to see pics of your carpet and seats just to see the total picture.

    Also we need more pics. Let us see the pc installed and tell us what frontend you are running.

    BTW doesn't the vinyl get dirty quickly ?

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    That was a very nice wrap job on the dash. Have you thought about painting the screen bezel?
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    thats really nice...
    I like it.

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