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Thread: Boot in 15 sec!! - Sold State w/ Dual Core Turion **VID**

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    Quote Originally Posted by h3rk View Post
    In the difference between off(S5) and hibernate(S4) there is a small draw of power. I know it's not much, but I do think 'indefinately' is a very slight overstatement.

    Intel: All about System Power States (S0-S5)
    Depends on your power config. You can cut power completely and it will still resume from hibernation without a problem once you put the power back on.


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    I suppose not everyone makes their boards the same, I wasn't thinking that way. Good point. I've not tested it myself, I just subscribed to the standard. Thanks for the upgrade, albeit it's contrary to some things I have read.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention the reason why I had popped in here in the first place; Congrats on the quick startup, and good luck stripping it down further, I'm planning to go SSD soon, so I'm interested in how this goes.

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