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Thread: 2004 jeep liberty

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    2004 jeep liberty

    alright well i finally got the computer in the jeep after my screen got stolen along with the stereo while i was in Iraq last fall.


    motherboard... via m11
    ram... 512
    harddrive... 2.5 60ghd
    screen... 7" widescreen lilliput
    OS... xp
    gps... delorme earthmate lt-20

    and my getto bezel made from 1/4" plywood till i learn to bondo

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    Great Job

    I love what you did with the single din display. I have an '02 Liberty, but since it only has a single din opening I stuck with the Alpine D310 in dash.

    How did you turn it into a double din display? Did you but a new plate, or just modify the existing one?

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    Sweet! I've also got an '02 Liberty. starting, the panel where your radio and HVAC controls sit can be hacked up, and you can move the HVAC controls if you properly hack up the panel.

    I was actually thinking about doing this myself, and this just cements the decision. How'd you go about using the head unit with the car pc?

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