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Thread: 2008 Mustang GT Carputer pics/specs

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    Quote Originally Posted by StreetsOfRage View Post
    You really got farther with this then I ever got the chance to. I built my carputer and did the wiring but complications came up before I was able to get the screen and everything in order, very well done!
    OMG, I love your user name. I still play streets of rage 2 and 3 till this day... Dont play 1 because it was terrible. Anyways, just build the CarPC slowly. Im about to hit 2 years on my install.
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    very very nice install, wow


    must say though..

    who the HELL was thinking AT ALL at ford when they thought, "ah, just put the ACC socket above the stereo, that seems practical"

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    nice setup man.

    how much different is your carputer from a regular computer?

    what im trying to get at is it even conceivable to just put a premade computer into a car?

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    Nice install!

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