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Thread: 1994 Nissan Bluebird

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    1994 Nissan Bluebird SES

    Well this is my Carputer so far
    took about an hour and a bit to install to its current point, when the rain stops here ill wire in the tank battery with relay.

    Intel D201GLY motherboard
    1GB DDR2 ram
    80Gb laptop drive
    80W 12v-12v PSU with black case
    7" VGA 800x600 Touchscreen running 800 x 600
    USB WIFI adapter 54mb (upgraded to pci)

    computer is under passenger seat, and using good sticky backed velcro to hold in inplace. all pretty basic, but works well.

    I went with RoadRunner for the front end, the hacked up the iRunner skin a bit to suit my needs.

    Kenwood head unit.

    still waiting for my OBD1 data logger to arrive from the US. (got bored and couldnt be bothered with this bit)
    GPS will be properly installed when i do the final wiring job for the tank battery.
    im pretty happy with it as a budget system. the computer itself has more than enough grunt for what i need, and its quiet enough.

    Name:  screen.jpg
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    Name:  comp.jpg
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    Name:  car.jpg
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    ive decided not to use a tank battery, I just put a switch on the power line.
    I'm getting a new psu soonish that has auto start/shut down functions

    using roadrunner, i bashed up a basic skin for myself, still a work in progress untill i work out what teh best button setup for me is
    Name:  frontend1.jpg
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    Sydney, Australia
    lookin' bad ***. You from Australia?
    Continued Worklog... Upgrades in progress:
    *15.4" WXGA LED backlight touchscreen upgrade
    *Custom fiberglass dash bezel

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    New Zealand

    whats it like in aussie to get car pc stuff?

    total pain in the *** here, freight is a killer. its too new here and "retail" prices are crazy

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    Yeah woof, your system was bad ***. The bro and his mates thought it was awesome too. I hope you get your obd data logger soon, it would be good to see that in action =P

    im thinking about running an external usb cd player int eh glvoe box which is always connected. that way i can chuck something for the computer at any time instead of having to reach for the comp to do anything

    Figured out where to get your maps yet?


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    ive found a aussie forum where some guys have hacked up some mainstream GPS software, to take local maps, and i think there is an open source NZ map i can import into that hacking...
    i have one running its got maps and is a journey logger with waypoints, but its old and rather crap. no good for navigating with

    and short of spending $250+ on a program and map, that i have no idea might take a while.

    the carputer system itself is good, and ill guess i'll just keep tweaking little things till im happy of have broken it

    might pull some amps, x-overs and some 8" subs (great mid bass) out of storage if i feel bored one w/e at home, and go crazy.

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    hey nice install

    quick question what resolution are you running the screen at?
    I'm thinking of getting the same screen off eBay $290 inc postage


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    Well i spent a sunny weekend installing it properly, as i had a slight earth noise somewhere.

    Name:  DSCF1797_resize.jpg
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    Name:  DSCF1795_resize.jpg
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    Beldin 4 way multi core cable, each core has 2 wires and an earth wire.
    Name:  DSCF1793_resize.jpg
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    i had to pull everything out of under the dash to pull the power wire thru the factory loom hole
    Name:  DSCF1791_resize.jpg
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    trying to decide if i wanted to use one amp or 2, which would fit better
    Name:  DSCF1788_resize.jpg
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    the pc itself on the test bench, I got a flexible card riser and put a pci wifi card in.
    Name:  DSCF1767_resize.jpg
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    now upgraded the core

    Intel D945GCLF2 Dual-Core Atom board
    250GB sata 2.5" seagate HD
    1Gb kingston DDR2 ram

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    Howdy Woof. Hows that screen going? The screen is the only part I am still needing to purchase and I keep changing my mind on which one to buy!!!

    Considering yours is a far bit cheaper than the xenarc's and Lilliputs, how is it holding up?



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    nice install

    Q? At start Pc can u see the Bios screen Or windows Loading screen ?

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