[names mentioned below are acurazine screen names]

Hey everyone,
I met up with ITL (and Phu) in Atlanta this weekend to help with instillation of the carputer. After a great deal of planning we finally got the show on the road. I would like to thank ITL, csmeance, KN_TL, met152, and others who responded to my posts, messages, e-mails, and phone calls. There is a great deal of information and experience on these message boards that made this possible.

If you are planning to do this I would strongly encourage reading other posts first. You also have to be very comfortable with pulling apart your panels (or you could pay somebody else to do it). If you plan this out on paper first it is not such an arduous task by the time you get around to execution.

At this point all of the hardware is in the car and functioning. I elected not to do a touch screen module since I do not have the wiring skills (of met152) to tap into the panel in the OEM screen. In retrospect I more than likely should have purchased a car without the navigation system and then used a touch screen with instillation like ITL's.

At this current stage I am merely tweaking road runner since there is a steep learning curve to figuring out how to configure all of the components. I just do not have as much time as I used to to tweak these all in one sitting.


Total cost:
Carputer kit (PC, gps, dvd-rom, m2-atx, wifi, bluetooth, cables) - $475
Dom's converter - $110 (bought used on these forums)
Hon2y spec - $120 (ebay) - be sure to put back in hybrid mode!
iGuidance 4.0 - $92
USB touchpad - $41 (amazon)
planning time - at least 15-20 hours (i am a noobie to this)
install time - at least 6 hours
finishing the task - priceless!