Well, there´s a long time that i want to show my project so there´s:

My car is a RENAULT SCENIC RXE 2.0 16 V - 134 HP
I always loved this car because it space, confort, engine and design.

There´s a pic of it:

And from the fog...

Thru those pic u can see that i made a lot of modifications on it:
- Front BUMPER
- A lot crome parts
- Shark antenna.

Some of this modifications u just see at night

- XENON lights (atually just in the fog lights H1 8000k, but soon as possible i´ll install H4 8000k on lights and H1 6000k in high lights)
- Red Scanner like KITT (knight rider style!)
- Blue lights on dashboard imported from france (bluecars.net)

So, let´s see the project:
Above there´s a list with all stuff:
The case is under the passager seat (SCENIC original)

- Motherboard PC CHIPS A31G
- Processador Athlon XP 2.8 Ghz
- 1 Gb Ram DDR2
- Screen on roof 10 pol (VGA)
- Screen retractable 7 pol (dashboard)
- Power Supply M2-atx
- DVD/CD RW USB + Card Reader USB + usb 2.0 under dashboard

- HD notebook 80 Gb
- Software ICT terminal (free)
- Windows XP
- Voice command (kitt waves, i can talk with it!!)

Other stuffs:

- Rear View Backup Camera System

- Rear back seat camera para banco de trás + Screen 4´(Child´s control)

- Roof screen 10 pol (VGA) com DVD e wireless phones (For my kids watch those cartoons)

- DVD PLAYER booster with screen 4 pol (Controls the sound on board)

- Original RENAULT´s cooler (Installed in the place of the central back seat)

- Amp BOSS 2500W 6 Channel(Under the central back seat)

Well that´s all.
I hope i could make myself clear for all
Sorry about my english, but i try do the best!!
See u all!!!

PS: RENAULT two times world champion of F1 championship above FERRARI...My car sometimes wins Ferrari´s too

I've post again because i coul'dn't see in the upper folder