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Thread: 2002 Subaru WRX Sedan Carputer

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    2002 Subaru WRX Sedan Carputer

    For the most part this project is essentially done. It's functional, with some minor bugs to work out and a options for future expandability. Yes, I still need to do a BIT of wire management as well But I just wanna make sure I've got everything right before finalizing stuff. So here it is, "completed" to the point that I don't HAVE to change anything if I don't want.

    The system is an AMD geode based system running on a Jetway produced motherboard. This chip runs toasty, but is otherwise EXTREMELY fast and beats the pants off the Via systems for under $150. Boot time is around 25 seconds, resuming from hibernate takes about 15 seconds from the point the system posts... I'm running 512 RAM, and the system is plenty responsive.

    Looking into the back I custom built two 1/4 inch MDF amp racks to mount the amp and the carputer. I covered them in carpet and secured them using two bolts mounted to the vertical seat back rails. Those are the only sturdy things to mount to in this car.

    Here's another look from a bit further back. I've never really attempted a project of this scale on my own. So considering I literally did all the installation work myself, including the stereo, and I'm not too handy with electrical stuff, I think I did well.

    Here's what we have from the passenger's seat. 2008 Lilliput 629GL was purchased from Wilfredo at He custom molded the screen into my original "silver" colored radio bezel, and painted it in a beautiful crinkle coat. The work is gorgeous, I'm absolutely thrilled with his work. It turns out the Mechatronix WRX screen kit does not fit the 2008 Lillis, so Wilfredo's work was equally cost efficient and creates a finer looking result in the end! The headunit is a Pioneer I mounted in a Subaru factory guage Pod. I managed to maintain use of the factory under-seat subwoofer by using an adapter after the factory wiring harness. Paired with the old Boston Accoustic FX4s in the rear and the Alpine SPR-17s up front, I've got what seems to be a solid system for my taste.

    Quick look at the GPS functionality.

    GPS BU-353 receiver I simply routed behind the glovebox and plopped up there on the right corner of the dash...Doesn't seem to move or rattle so I'm just leaving it there.

    Closer look at Wilfredo's work

    Annnd another look.

    As a bit of a rant....I purchased the VoomPC2 case and would like to state that it's a complete piece of crap. Not only is it poorly designed space-wise, but you should NEVER have to TAP SCREWS for a case you paid $90 for. I don't have any clue how one would ever mount an actual slimline drive in here, the interior is simply too cramped. It needs to be 1/2 inch bigger in all directions and should NOT REQUIRE 6 self-tapping screws to assemble/disassemble. Sorry, had to get it out of my system.

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    well done on the install! the wiring cables will probably never look "perfect," but that's plenty acceptable. Any chance on rotating the arrangement? It might make the wiring a shorter distance from the amp case(s) to the holes in the chassis/trunk...

    (btw, nice trunk monkey!)

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    Very well done! I was in the same spot when I did my build. Not too familiar with car electricity but relatively handy and I must say yours looks prettier than my by lots. Kudos!
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    Nice install! I'm looking into a Jetway board with a Geode myself. Are you running windows XP? Because those boot times would be totally acceptable for me. Do you have a hard disk drive, or are you using a flash card? What model Geode is it?

    I really like how you installed the deck in gauge pod. Strong work.

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    Nevermind, just found your other post regarding you computer hardware. Still, love your install.

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    Very nice install, good performance!
    Nico John

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