This is my project : a carputer in a '93 Buick park Avenue.

LCD : HF701T 7" VGA Touchscreen

PC : MCS made : Intel D201GLY with 1.33Ghz celeron, 512M DDR2, M2-ATX 160W, MCS box, HHD Toshiba 20Go 2"1/2, External HDD Samsung 80Go 2"1/2, Muse LT Pocket USB sound card, Rear IR camera 120, running with XP N'lite + Centrafuse, GPS : Sygic Drive.

Audio :
Front : O Speakers + old school Jensen 2X20W RMS
Rear : JBL GTO Speakers + Rockford PUNCH 100X2
Soon mounted :RF Punch 12" subwoofer + RF Punch 60X2 bridged mode.

Center made with medium and beech
2 switchs (1/ start the PC, 2/start the amps)
Coolermaster musketeer : Audio VU-meter, Temp sensor and fan speed regulator.

The car :