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Thread: My home made CarPC in my Tuscani V6. Video inside !

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    My home made CarPC in my Tuscani V6. Video inside !

    You can watch my home made CarPC in video there :


    Comments are in french, sorry .

    EDIT : And a few pictures too !

    I've replaced windows loading screen with this Tuscani screen.

    Behind the screen : the mobo on a thin wood panel, the psu under it... and a jungle of cables.

    If you look closely to the right, you'll see the 2,5' hard drive, glued on rubber pads.

    The screen is a lilliput EBY701 with a lot of work on it to perfectly fit the central dash.

    The headunit has also been relocated in place of the cigarette lighter and ash tray. That's been an easy but dusty work with the dremel...

    The motherboard (Intel D201GLY2A with 92mm fan at 5V), hard drive (Samsung 2,5' SATA 160Go), power supply (M2-ATX) and all other components are located behind the screen. The sound card (Soundblaster Audigy) is connected to the headunit (JVC) then to the amplifier (JBL).

    My software : Roadrunner front-end and Sygic GPS, running on windows XP.

    I've drove 800 miles during last week end without any problems. I'm proud of my job, and I love this CarPC !!!

    Next i'm planning to install and OBD2 interface, a mafterburner 2 and a wideband sensor, all connected to the carpc.

    If you want to have a look at the car, it's here :

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    Hey, you setup looks very good, the car too. These are special cars, i'd never saw one here in canada. Bravo, pour ton installation Top Niveau.... Lol... Sam.

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    Thanks ! You're right, Hyundai Tuscani/Tiburon/Coupé (three different names, but same car) are quite rare ! That makes this car again more special ! I love it !

    First post updated with pictures.

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