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Thread: Project Insomnia (what happens when I'm bored)

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    Project Insomnia (what happens when I'm bored)

    The car:

    I had this broken old tablet pc from my last install, mainly taken apart already. I had lots of coffee and couldn't sleep. And I needed something I can tune the car with and datalog (MegaSquirt). I like using a conventional stereo, but I missed having a computer in the car..
    So I slapped this in about 3 hours:

    The guts:

    Extending the inverter wire:

    Loading OS:

    Sun visor I found in my car:

    Modified sun visor:

    Operational test:

    OS loaded:

    Installed in car:

    Right now it doesn't do much but boot to windows. But tomorrow (or maybe today if I still can't sleep) I will load MegaTune to it, and equip this thing with a wireless keyboard and a mouse. It's a pretty quick system for what I'm using it for. It's a little Pentium II with 388 Mhz processor, 64 mb of ram and 6 Gb hard drive. PCMCIA and USB ports present.

    Best part is this thing can be tucked away where nobody can see it, since I live in a pretty bad area and I already know someone attempted to break into my car a few times (noticed the scratched tint).

    I will clean it up a bit with some grey cloth when I have time..

    That's it. Quick and dirty.
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    Neat little project sometimes else where you can't sleep, you could strap some new fabric over it to remove the rough edges (:
    Looking forward to picking up a '99 Ford Focus and stuffing a CarPC into it! I'm going for the OEM look. If anyone has tips or are willing to help me, please feel free to contact me!

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