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Thread: 2004 350Z Installation part 3.....

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    I need to see that software it runs. I wonder if I could pull the software up with the USBD-2A. Can't really help you as much as I want because that is where all your answers are. Might just have to buy one of them.
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    Getting out of car computers

    After several wonderful years, I have decided to give it up. Seems there are head units out there that pretty much do everything the computer does (I went with a JVC KW-NT3HDT) except internet, and I have an iPad (that hooks to the JVC) for that, so......

    Anyone need any of the parts listed above, except for the monitor, let me know. The JVC runs dual monitors, so keeping it.

    Been Real! And for anyone needing support on my skins or other StreetDeck stuff, I will still be involved with that for awhile.
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    New to Saw your post, Hows the new jvc going for you?

    Hello danielkh,
    I read through your posts and seems you've done a lot in your 350z, with the computers and all... and now changed to the JVC KW-NT3HDT. I'm also looking to get this jvc headunit or the pioneer avh4300. Just wondering how is the jvc doing so far and was it an easy installation?. Also do you think it is a good buy over the pioneer avh4300 headunit? I'm new in all the DIY on cars thing and with aftermarket on cars too so could use all the help I could get lol. Please reply and Thanks in advance.

    '04 350z roadster

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    Compared to the PC, the JVC is a BREEZE to install. I kept my screen in the upper compartment, so I can have a movie playing, gps running, and automatically answer a call all at the same time (on a bluetooth phone that actually WORKS). If I HAD to complain about anything, it would be the GPS maps. While they are complete and nice, and has liftetime traffic built in, after using StreetDeck maps, they leave a lot to be desired. But the GPS does yell at me when I speed, so it's ok. It also lets you route by phone number that I thought was cool.

    Another thing you might want to consider is USB port. The JVC doesn't have a back connection. Since it controls an ipod/ipad, it would be nice to have a cable hookup hidden like in the console.

    Here is why I went with the JVC so you can compare to the pioneer (I have no idea on the pioneer).

    5 second bootup
    Bluetooth connection and phone (for music streaming and phone)
    A/V in (great for iPod video)
    DVD player (need special hardware or second monitor to play while moving)
    automatic backup camera
    HD Radio (this was the biggie) with I think 4 sub channel capabilities
    Sat Radio (this did require extra hardware at about $100)
    SD slot
    iPod/iPad controls
    A/V out
    Traffic (lifetime through HD network, not XM)
    Removable face
    High pass and Low pass for subwoofer
    3 user equalizer control plus "standard" settings.
    Firmware upgradable through SD slot

    The only thing I really lost was internet/email, and I have an iPad 3G with car mount for that. On the bluetooth phone, the sound quality is actually better (I am told) that the Motorola HTF1000 I had installed before.

    As for the price, I paid about half retail. You can get new on ebay for about $650-750. This is about 1/4 what I had in the PC.
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