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Thread: 97 Toyota Tacoma You gotta See This. NEW UPDATE with 100+ pics on 7-4-03

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    Nice proget i have a Toyota Land Cruizer from 97 4cili 3000cc Diesel were can i find a OBD conector??


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    Thumbs up Was hoping I wasn't as crazy as they told me I was

    When I installed a Bright yellow Antec case in my 2000 Grand Prix GTP Daytona 500 Pace car replica. It had relatively high miles when I purchased it for 12k It was more of a toy anyways. My Carputer was an Amd Athlon Barton core 2500 as they were a steal at 80 dollars back in the day (strange how I see the same ones today marked up to $120. there was 1 GB of ram (2X512 dual channel) a geforce 4 ti4800 one of the first agp 8x high end cards I used half my paycheck on it most parts I bought were like this I splurged on every part with patience. I remeber people coming up to my desk at work staring down at a fresh new Asus Motherboard saying "wth is that"
    My response: "inspiration" well one of the first things I learned from my car was that heads up display sure is nice. By simply providing a bright backlight with dark unreflective backround you could in fact produce a picture on a windshield (I hope at this point we get some lightbulbs popping up everywhere) problem was it's illegal to have a display like that in direct view of the driver (lightbulbs suddenly go dim) well i found a happy medium with a dimmable backlight for a 15" lcd raw panel being dimmable I could turn it "off" and also control lighting easily. I reversed the signal going to it (mirror image) so that after the picture bounced off the window it was upright.

    I didn't have it connected with serials to control any of the computer as this was too complicated for me at this age with no carponent experience so I use it as a game system/mp3 player with awesome visualizations *Take note if you want to see something incredible download winamp select milkdrop visualization right click the little screen once it's going with some music and select run on desktop do this with a large resolution graphics card permitting and a 17" or more monitor and you'll find yourself staring at this for quite a while. tweak with the settings again if graphics card permits crank it to 1600X 1200 (I have an Asus N6800 Ultra Extreme GDDR3 PCIex grfx now)

    Geforce fx5700 Ultra or higher should be plenty and if your an ATI fan start with a 9600 pro I found a place to buy them new for under $55

    The reason I did this in my car was I had this nice computer and I had no mp3 player nor $300 of which it cost back then to buy one (after I blew all my money on the puter)

    My current project is a 1965 lincoln Continental suicide doors jet black

    my current system that is going into it is might I add a bit excessive but there's plenty of room and power so: AMD Athlon socket 939 K8N Neo4 athlon 64 3500 (as that was one of the first native 64 bit 939's 2 GB dual channel pc3200 (400MHZ RAM) Twin 10,000RPM 74GB Western Digital Raptors on RAID 0 Enermax True Power 485 Watt PSU Dual Twin Layer DVD Burners (to make quick copies if needed) 6 total USB 2.0 ports 1 firewire port Complete digital sound system true 7.1 surround in the car Logitech RF USB REMOTE with power button will be integrating a 1.8" lcd into a longer range RF remote to control basic car functions from the outside such as start heater/ac doorlocks radio/player etc. I've had this computer for a year now and since the graphics card alone set me back almost 700 dollars after I found the
    Asus n6800 GT to be sufficient since it's the same card just not overclocked (apparently they never released the "real 6800 ultra" because ati was already behind and they wanted to save it for when ati catches up)

    It's kinda nice to have your own computer store/suppliers to make for parts/experience

    Where I live now I found a wireless solution other than parkervisions 1 mile range router/usb combo it's called "Clearwire" based off of the same principle modem is actually a wireless tranceiver in order to get 1.5 megabit internet in mah car

    I am also working a a white laser projection through DLP to create the perfect projector for milkdrop to be shown in extremly large scale from my car trunk... here is one of the lasers I'm working with it converts three colors to white, similar to a standard projection television or non DLP/LCD projector

    Getting it dispersed across the DLP matrix is the next step instead of a bulb

    oh yah and it's 3:54 am and I haven't slept yet, amned SOBE NO FEAR

    I'm 24 yrs old from AZ let me know if you have questions Oh yah, and really Check out the winamp milkdrop thing you'll be kicking yourself later if you forget

    hmm typed so long it logged me out?

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    What s/w did you use for "system map" am looking for one?
    Carputer Progress: [----*------]

    Hardware: [---*-------]
    Softwarre: [------*----]
    Design: [Complete]
    Finance: [In Progress, multi items on Ebay]
    Fabbing: [Design complete, Assistance sought]

    My project page

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    looks great. very nice job!

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    I want to know why this is tacked onto the project show-off for a '97 Tacoma....
    It really should be a new thread...
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    I know this is resurecting an old thread and all...

    But it was my random search online that found this page. And it was because of this EXCELLENT install that I built mine. Which was not nearly as excellent.....but fun none the less....

    Just thought id post this sort of as a thanks
    Brown 2010

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    the reason is that when this thread first started it was for projects. there was no under construction thread.

    this install was just about the best use of a car computer i've seen here. plus he did it quite a few years ago.

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    Ac Control

    How did you relocate the ac controls is there a kit ? I have a 2000 4runner and I want to move the ac control out of the dash


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