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Thread: 99 Honda Civic SI Carputer

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    99 Honda Civic SI Carputer

    First off I am a total NOOB when it comes to carputing and this is my first setup. So its been about a month now since i got the carputer installed, all runs good still have alot of stuff to add, like GPS, WIFI and list goes on... But anyways here are the pics of what I've got done so far... Let me know what you guys think...
    Oh yeah alomost forgot about the specs:

    Xenarc 700TSV screen
    Apline V12 AMP
    Computer specs:
    Fanless IntelŪ 1.7 GHz Mobile PentiumŪ M
    512MB RAM
    160GB HDD
    4 USB 2.0 ports
    CF port
    1 PCI port
    2 PCMCIA ports
    1 FIREWIRE port
    4 serial ports
    and it's already setup for incar 12V

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    looks good! Time to mold it in!
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    mold it in? it looks real good in person the way it is... i was going for an OEM look, and most people that get into my car ask me if this was a factory option?

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    I agree.... some cars molding it in makes it look OEM, but others it doesnt. In this case, not molding it in gives it a very factory look. I am doing the same with my install, i am going to use the whole entire Lilliput EBY 701 though. So the screen looks like a headunit that slides in and out.
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    Hey, that looks really great.

    I'm actually just getting into this and I have a 2000 EX with the same dash setup. How did you go about getting the screen in there? Did you custom fit or manage to find a double din kit? I'm looking at the kit here on mp3car and I'm just not sure what to expect in the way of modding since it's supposedly just for Subaru.

    I'm really digging the factory look you have, so any help or guidance would be great. Thanks!

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    Looks very nice. You should lower your car.

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    That screen is a perfect fit! The install looks very nice, and very clean.

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