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Thread: finally got around to my install

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    finally got around to my install

    After buying over $1500 worth of computer equipment, spending hours building the computer, installing all the software, learning how to use fiberglass, finding a used dashboard on ebay to cut up, installing it all in a box... etc.

    I finally got email, real gps, web-surfing, a wifi-hub, gaming, video-conferencing, skype, and gigs of mp3s and movies into my car.

    With a cellphone:
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    You paid way to much for that phone buddy.

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    That's nice. I was thinking of doing the same thing with my celphone... but there are obvious drawbacks.

    - The sound quality in all portable players is crappy compared to something like SB-Live of SB Audigy.
    - Small screen
    - Difficult interface while driving
    - Most phones can't do two things together (music, GPS, etc)
    - A phone can't do everything... PC is very flexible
    - That's no fun!

    Are you connecting that phone using a tape converter??
    My Car PC project
    Current status: Fabricating screen

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    And you're using a cassette adapter? I say, do what works for you, but you must be lacking in sound quality.

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    The phone was 'free' with my plan, holder was $60. The cassette adapter is fine with my Landrover Defender speakers. I'm off-road most of the time and the car is so loud I can't hear the music anyways.

    The problem I have is that I spend so much time bouncing around on tractor trails that I'll kill any hard disk I install. I looked into the little shock-absorbers for remote control cars, but I can't believe they really work.

    I really just posted as most of the things I need are now available with one small gadget. Amazing the speed technology moves.

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