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Thread: 03 Accord LX

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    03 Accord LX

    After constantly fiddling with my CarPC since February, I feel it's time I made a post here. I don't have any build pictures, but that not what "Show Off Your Project" is for, right? Anyway, here it is.

    Starts with the mo-co-so case under the driver seat. I know it's not the ideal place in many of our minds, but it does well here.

    Then there's the switches I put in to control it all. Staring from left, first one controls IGN line to the M2, second is the power for the screen and the third is only for my StreetGlow shift knob, but I do plan to put more lights on this one.

    I thought of doing a cubby install for the screen, but I found better uses for the area.

    That's an external DVD/CD drive, a 4 port USB HUB with my mini keyboard and a mini type "B" USB cable for quick hookup of my cell. I also use the HUB for my flash drive, for adding music and such.

    As you may notice, I'm running Road Runner with it's default skin slightly modified.

    iGuidance with a slightly modified GPS page.

    A few more shots of the screen, this time with the flash so you can see it a little better.

    And just for fun, a shot of my custom colored dash.

    I'll get some daytime shots on here soon. I was just a little excited about getting it up and running.
    Questions and comments are more than welcome. Thanks to all the people on here, it's "done"

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    did you fabricate the screen to fit the dashboard, or is that a pop up factory mechanism?

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    Yeah, that was fabricated. I was worried about permanently damaging my car and having it not come out right. In the end, I'm pretty happy with it. I wish I had some build pictures for you.

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