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Thread: 97 Sunfire Carputer

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    97 Sunfire Carputer

    Here's the final component breakdown:

    *DVD Drive: Samsung SH-S203B
    *Mainboard / Processor: Intel D201GLY2A
    *RAM: 1GB Patriot DDR2 (left over from when I upgraded my home computer)
    *HDD: Samsung Spinpoint 250GB Notebook Hard Drive
    *HDD Accessories:
    StarTech SATA Drive Drawer with Shock Absorbers
    StarTech Adapter Kit to Mount 2.5" HDD in 3.5" Drive Bay
    *Screen: Lilliput GL-701 InDash Touchscreen
    *Power supply: M2-ATX-HV
    *Wifi: Netgear WG311v3

    *Auxiliary keyboard & mouse:
    A knockoff version of one of these. Same thing, just without the branding.

    Logitech wireless notebook mouse (invisible laser)

    *Other goodies:
    2 port USB 2.0 hub up front (using USB to Cat5 adapters since I had to run 28ft of cable to hide it all)

    Custom case constructed of 1/2" and 1/4" MDF, trunk mounted.

    ^^I know... I know... I need to steam clean my trunk... used it as a parts hauler for a while... components purposely exposed for the "WTF is that" factor... installed the carputer while waiting on parts for my engine swap

    ^^ That was with Linux installed. I since dropped it since I couldn't get wireless working. Switched to XP/RR for now. Being able to have HPTuners at my fingertips (literally): Priceless

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    I really like the look of that trunk install. Very clean. Nicely done.

    But, yeah...a car wash wouldn't hurt!
    2003 Lexus SC430 - Black with Ecru. VaisTech & NavTool with Centrafuse integrated into factory nav screen (hands-free Bluetooth, Voice Command, mp3's, videos, HD Radio, Sirius Sat. radio, DVD, Internet, & digital gauges (via OBD-II)), & LuxLink module.

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    yeah boot looks sweet great install

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