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Thread: 96 Ford Explorer - OBD, GPS, Custom LCD Dash, Emerg Resp

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    96 Ford Explorer - OBD, GPS, Custom LCD Dash, Emerg Resp

    Full write-up and larger images

    Started this project when I was in college. Lots of fun times in the Bradley University parking lot. So many people walking by,"What are you doing? I see you out here all the ..... Oh coooool !!!!!!".

    Polished it off in the past few months. 1 year start to finish. I was hesitant to say finish, because I will never be done!

    Software:StreetDeck on XP SP3
    Optical: DVD-RW (center console)
    OBD: OBD-II Reader from ScanTool
    Display: Liliput EBY-701 LCD Touchscreen molded into dashboard (bondo ftw) ((powered off of computer PSU))
    GPS: US GlobalSat BU-353 Weather-proof GPS Receiver
    PSU: M2-ATX 160W Intelligent DC-DC PSU
    CPU: 2.? Ghz P4
    HDD: 80 GB on spinning platters
    Case: Huge (holding off on ITX until old yeller dies)

    LCD and USB hub powered off of car psu's 12v and 5v line respectively
    Computer causes horrible RFI on boot from hibernate. Possible case grounding problem, researching. Noticeable through 2-way radio.
    Those are my chocolate Teddy Grahams in the computer/sub photo
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