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Thread: 2007 Ford Fusion Carputer (version 2.0)

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    soon to be MP3 Car

    Fusion thanks so much for giving me this idea... to be honest I would have paid you to do this with my 07 Fusion...

    But instead, I now bought, just about all the things you have into your Fusion. I loved the idea with the EQ right under the screen and how easily you can modify the dash bezel. I changed the LCD, just because there was 1 that I preferred over yours.

    I should receive my stuff hopefully by this weekend, and hopefully it is nice enough outside for me to attempt this project.

    I can't do enough reading to get this out of my head, I can't wait to start.
    I enjoy the fact that you guys are using nLite for windows XP, as I may do that myself, but as I continued to read yesterday, on the site where I bought my CarPC, they offer a Linux Distro made specifically for this... FREE!

    Its called Linux iMedia... Has anyone attempted this yet?, can anyone give me a little insight as to what to expect. It sounds awesome, and all the O/S to me just get me all excited to try... I may have to run VMware... ANYWHO

    I myself probably won't be hooking the original speakers to an amp, most likely just throwing my 2 subs in the back, but definitely can't wait to start this installation! If only Fusion were around to help me or someone else, who has already done this job... I am not to worried, until I start kicking my car...

    Thanks guys for this awesome post! I don't even remember how I found it... But you have now given a new Ford Fusion owner something to look forward about!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bweather04 View Post
    I may have to run VMware... ANYWHO
    You will probably want to use Wine instead of VMWare. IIRC, VMWare doesn't run all that smoothly in Linux.

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    Quote Originally Posted by protias View Post
    You will probably want to use Wine instead of VMWare. IIRC, VMWare doesn't run all that smoothly in Linux.
    Yeah... I may do that, but what I should have said was Virtual Box... Virtual is free, and to me, it is more user friendly easier to use.

    Another question that I pose towards our enthusiasts reading this... Has anyone thought of a way to cover the screen/LCD? I am more talking along the lines so things don't get stolen. I don't live in a rough neighborhood, but you never know who is walking by?

    Any ideas anyone? My stuff comes in a couple days, and thats when the fun begins!

    And I did want to add... Where I bought my VOOM, I found a Linux O/S called iMedia.... Has anyone heard of it? Tried it? Is it worth it, or am I better off with my copy of XP and nLite?

    Thanks! - BW

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    FF very nice install. I'm redoing my carputer and I'm going to model some things from what you've done. Namely the EQ, I like that idea.

    I might have missed it, but what - if anything - are you doing for FM radio? And what do you have in mind for your version 3 goals?

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