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Thread: '03 mustang car PC, just started!

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    Thats a really nice job on the screen. I may do that with mine, I was under the impression you needed the radio to keep the stock stuff working. But If I don't, sweet. I hope there is enough room under the seat for the amp turned pc case, if not I guess I will shave it down to size and try to keep it looking good.

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    update on install

    Well, I have some bad news. Wedding plans have stalled this carpc for the moment. The 330 atom is running full time in my bedroom as a htpc. I have it hooked to my TV for movies. I have been able to watch any torrent movies along with playing some nostalgic sega and snes games. I will be trolling the FS forums for a cheap used PSU and Touch screen monitor. These are the final two items that are holding me back. I have decided to get rid of my head unit. I want to use the cars current amps, a wiring harness will allow me to do this.
    I work in the car industry and I will be able to get a DD ford deck that is faulty for free. I think I will mount the Motherboard behind the dash and customize the cd deck to hold the mobo and HD. I still want the dvd drive in my center console. I believe this will be the cleanest way to install this pc and keep my cable mess to a minimum.
    On a unrelated note to the car PC. I have a neighbor that is a wood worker, he says he can custom build a sub box (building sub boxes was how he started wood working 15 years ago in High School) for my trunk so that I can get my 10 inch sub and amp to fit better. Right now I have almost no trunk space to use.
    I just have to say, this mobo has been flawless and running winxp since sept 25th and I have had no problems and we use this to surf the web, play dvds, divx, x264 movies and run old emulators for video games. This mobo has been just incredible for the price. I will be using this mobo for customers that just wana a net pc for cheap and plan on building one for my grandmother's christmas present!
    Mobo 100 ish
    ram 30ish
    HD 50 ish
    Case - 50 ish with psu
    optical - 30 ish
    Monitor - 100 ish
    Total 360 ish
    Cheap, and fully functional for grandma!

    On another side note, I spent 90 bucks for this board and am using a unused laptop HD, a PSU that I had, and a slim line dvd drive I had, along with a stick of ram I had laying around. Total cost of this system has been 110 bucks. I see this price going up, lilliput 7 inch monitor 180 ish, car PSU 80 ish. Total cost when done, about $370. Not bad!

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    Yay for first post...

    So one thing that annoys me are the mustang's environmental controls. I am working with a friend of mine to create a digital interface for carputers. That way I can free up the dim slot where they go and get rid of those ugly nobs. Think people might be interested in it?

    I am building a pc setup for my 99 mustang gt convertible, and like what you've got going, but it looks like it would be hard to see the screen down there.

    What is your boot time?

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    boot time is about maybe 50 seconds until music plays. never really timed it. thats with a full xp install and a regular hibernate startup. havent tried playing with the startup yet.

    the good thing about having the sceen down there is that the a/c control provides shade/cover for the recessed screen.
    95 Mustang 5.0
    Custom Case, VIA m10000, 512 MB, 80gig, M2-ATX, Slot Load DVD, 7" LCD Touchscreen

    80% done

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