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Thread: 2002 Frontier-PC project

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    The display is working great. I like it. It's bright and readable during the day.

    It has a built in Amplifier. 2 AV inputs. (One I use for the PC, the 2nd set I use for External Audio/Video) It's harness goes directly to the car's radio wiring harness.

    Unfortunately it doesn't have PreOuts to plug to an External Amp.
    You can probably connect the 4 sets of wires directly to another amp.

    I have stock speakers still and I think they have started to sound bad. So can't tell you on the sound quality of the built in Amp.

    The manufacturer is located in China, as the unit was shipped directly from there.
    Revo-Sys I think is located in Massachussetts

    They seemed to have lowered the price as well.
    Send em an email to make sure that the Built-In amp is still included because it is not on their product description on their site. And not kidding about the CD, it ONLY reads CDs. Not DVDs. I have it in mine but i'm not using it.

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    Added Rearview Camera Today.
    Installed it under the bumper.
    It was a PITA to drill a thick metal.
    Started with a cordless drill, after swapping 2 batteries every half hour, I decided to borrow the neighbor's wired electric drill. Could have saved me 2 hours

    30mm hole drilled, or close to it. dammn non metric step drills.

    Wiring to reverse light. I used extra wiring so I can put some spade quick connectors.

    wires wrapped.

    Camera shot from under the bumper.

    Far shot, still ducked down to to even see. Cannot see it while standing up.

    Rearview from Camera
    Theres a strip of metal sticking down in front of the camera, currently it is pointed straight. I'll just have to point it down a little bit to get rid of the black strip.

    With person from behind.

    Tried it at night this evening, but didnt get to take pics. Nightvision is very bright, the black strip on top became white.

    wiring inside is not complete, I just plugged it in to my external AV inputs. So I have to switch my video input manually. The display has another Video input that automatically switch on, which I really haven't tried if it works or not. I
    ll see tomorrow.
    Heres a pic of my AV input by the shifter.

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    Very impressive setup! Lookin' forward to more pics!

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    This is what It looks like right now. USB CD/DVD in the cubby hole held by Velco. 4port USB2.0 Mini hub velcro'd on top of it w/ a retractable Mini USB to plug my phone for tethering/charging.

    I think i'm almost finished.
    Just need some new speakers, and a USB camera for the front.
    That should complete it.

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    Project complete.... I think..?

    Installed New speakers to replace the stock ones.
    I put in Polk Audio db6501 6-1/2" Components for the Front
    a pair of Polk Audio db 501 5" 2-way for the rear.

    Then I spent my Amex points for a USB camera, got me a Sony PS3 Eye.

    Here's a vid from the usb camera, using the minicam. Looks a lil crappy at night.

    Here's the itemized cost.

    Intel Atom Board D945GCLF2 $105.79
    MoCoSo Case+ M2ATX PSU $145.97
    Seagate 250GB HDD 2.5" $91.32
    CD/DVD Slim slot load $74.57
    Globalsat GU353 $36.95
    RevoSys 7" Display w/ Amplifier $530.00
    Fry's - Keyboard/USB Wifi(temp) + Misc parts, 2xFans and Pots, 2GB PC5300 mem $90.88
    Misc Parts Microcenter, 400w PSU for test, USB hub, 2x 4pin to 8pin ATX cable $46.43
    Misc Tools Harbor Freight $32.46
    OEM Harness 3x $16.34
    Rear Camera $39.00
    25 ft Video Cable $7.95
    Polk F/R Speakers $275.42
    Sony PS3 Eye $0.25 <--Difference paid from lack of points.
    Logitech DiNovo Mini Keyboard $125.00
    Data Alliance USB wifi + High gain Antenna + extension cable $56.97
    Radio Shack - Audio/Video Wall Plate, quick connectors $15.00

    SubTotal $1690.3

    Ebay/Paypal Cashback from MS $(233.49)

    Overall Total $1,456.81

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    is thts a desktop computer's motherboard if yes can u tell me how you powered it pictures will be greatly appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by jatt1188 View Post
    is thts a desktop computer's motherboard if yes can u tell me how you powered it pictures will be greatly appreciated
    The parts are listed on my post above and 1st post.

    motherboard is an Intel Atom Board D945GCLF2
    Im using an M2-ATX DC-DC PSU

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