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Thread: 1999 E36 BMW 323i "Bimmerputer"

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    1999 E36 BMW 323i "Bimmerputer"

    This is my third project, below links to my first two.

    Road Runner Z32

    1998 Infiniti QX4 Project

    I'm very much using the same system with a new box that I had in the QX4 (sold) except for the hd, somehow got damage.

    EPIA Mini-ITX M10000
    IBM 20G HD
    Windows XP professional
    Road Runner/Simplistique
    MP3 XM Adapter
    Soundgate auxiliary adapter keeping CD changer

    Here's the car when I got it...

    Here it is now...

    The PC

    Stock dash

    Screen installed

    On/Off and soundgate switch

    Cables transfered to the trunk

    Testing the system

    System in place

    Mod with a purpose and enjoy the ride

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