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Thread: mind3 Car Entertainment Projects

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    Talking mind3 Car Entertainment Projects

    Hello to every one!

    I will start from very beginning of my car entertainment history. As it start with my first car about 2 years ago. And my car was Seat Ibiza (probably you wont found such as this car in US) but it was good car until some one crashed in to me.
    So there you goes my first project description

    Car: Seat Ibiza "98 1.0L petrol engine
    HU: Sony cdx-gt410u (with USB slot)
    HDD: 2 GB (witch I get from old PC)
    Case: Hand made case for HDD and other electric circuits

    Comments: Don't forget that was 2 years ago. I was young and with very little money budget or without money budget because my mother was my sponsor with very little budget. And just start dreaming about car-pc, like broke laptop in to two parts and put lcd on dashboard and other part in glove compartment.
    And there are some pictures (enjoy )

    Picture taken after getting car

    After some sponsored make over (little one )

    Very start of the project making housing for HDD and switches

    Case from the front

    Childish drawing of the wiring in the case ( worked very well )

    Old HDD and spare usb to ata controller

    finished case but without painting

    Riped dashboard for painting

    Preparing parts for painting and testing paints

    Finished result

    ...and some pictures of making custom self for speakers

    Conclusion of this project is that it was worth because I:
    1 learn how connect different devises to cars electrical circuit
    2 learn some DIY, fabricating and painting
    3 start to think about new project computer in car (CARPUTER)

    I hope somebody enjoy what I write here!

    Next time I will write in this tread about my current project and revision of it.

    Sorry if my sentence don't mane sense or is there any mistakes. I will correct them if some one spot any. And I am from Europe

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    That's not a PC.
    I think that it doesn't belong in SOYP because it's not a PC.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    im confused, what is it? I mean I see PC components, but does it actually work? What did you do simply use the patop with no screen?
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    Yes this isn't a PC and yes there are some of PC components in it.
    It is simply a box with HDD (where was my mp3's) and 5 switches for interior lighting and HDD power.
    It connects to Sony HU through USB that's it.
    And don't worry about that it isn't PC because it is little story about how I get in to this Carputer hobby.

    This is my current project and haw I say "Next time I will write in this tread about my current project (Opel Astra) and revision of it."
    (I don't know even how to quote in the thread )

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    The work looks good, but I think it's just a HDD to a head unit for more MP3's. In some regards that counts as a computer and other's it doesn't. I'd say this is better in the worklogs, because he dreams of having the laptop in there one day.

    Also, this is the first project. I am wondering if he's already taken this out, and put the laptop in there, or if he has other info on that.

    Also, according to his only other thread right now, he's having issues with touchkit, so that would make me assume he's getting a touchscreen somewhere in the car.

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    Yesterday I posted answer for your questions, but I don't know why it is not in there. It seems that my post's are not shown until moderator checks them. In case that message are missing I will answer again.

    Yes it is not PC and yes in there are some PC components.

    And monkeyraser is totally right
    Quote Originally Posted by monkeyracer View Post
    but I think it's just a HDD to a head unit for more MP3's.
    It was simply a box with HDD and 5 switches for HDD power and interior lighting. It connects to HU through USB. By doing this project I find out a lot stuff about car-PC.

    Now I do have new car (not new but different) and new project going on.
    I was near to finish my project, but Ŧ*****ĝ cheap eBay touch screen wasn't working properly.

    first problem with this screen was TS. I don't know that it was my software or hardware problem but any way it was peace of ****. Then tooth's of ejecting mechanism broke and I then needed to pull it up every time I turn it on. The only not so bed thing in it was 7" LCD witch I try get out and make work as stand alone screen without all that £@%*=. And guess video controller was in the main board with TV tuner (I don't know even if it worked ) ejecting sensors and other useless things witch made impossible to make it work. I keep it for the spears now ( if some one has one like this and need spears PM me ) Now I waiting for Fusion Brain to arrive and I will have what to do until I order my new screen ( any suggestions of what screen I should buy? I was doing search on industrial open-frame touch screens as they suppose to by better quality, but can't find any resellers with reasonable prise) when I will have all my stuff ready I start my revision of current project.

    My current project.

    As I say in my missing post I will write about it little bit later.

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