Now that the winter is finally here, I have more free time available to continue my automotive project. I've decided to do an amplifier installation on the rear passenger seat back. It will be mounted on top of diamond plate to maintain my 'Project Diamond Plate' theme. This was a simple installation so, I'd like to share a few pics.

First of all, I found some left over plate from last year's splurge at Home Depot. I did a rough cut initially, then did the fine tuning on the second pass of the cutting phase.

This piece below will be fixed to the rear passenger's seat back in a 60/40 seat configuration. Both left & right sides have been cut.

I've since cut away any excess without taking pictures of the process. I also filed the latch hole, the corners, and edges from any sharp burrs before mounting the plate to the seat.

Anyway, here's a close up view of the amplifier and it's connections.

This is the end result with everything mounted and the seat back in the lowered position.
The amp powers four 6 inch ONKYO mid-range cones, and a pair of 2" tweeters.
This setup will enhance the sound fidelity for the rear passengers to enjoy.

I'm really pleased with the overall listening experience, vocals are much more pronounced and crisp throughout the frequency range.

A few more pics will be added soon.