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  • a - I don't connect to the internet, my carPC is used for a different purpose.

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  • b - I wish there was internet service in my area.

    2 1.83%
  • c - I connect for free by hopping through wifi signals in my town/city

    22 20.18%
  • d - I tether my cell phone to my carpc via Serial or USB connection

    32 29.36%
  • e - I use BlueTooth to connect my cellphone to my carPC

    14 12.84%
  • f - I connect to the internet wirelessly within my home network

    30 27.52%
  • g - I connect to the internet wirelessly via USB dongle from a cellular company

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  • h - I connect to the internet wirelessly via PC Card adaptor from a cellular company

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Thread: VW Jetta

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    Thumbs up VW Jetta

    I added the poll to see how everyone in the carpc community
    stacks up with their internet connection.
    hanks for submitting your answer.

    There's a new high speed wireless broadband
    technology on the horizon
    known as 4G or WiMAX.
    available to those who reside in Washington State, Oregon, Northern Virginia and will continue to roll out with expanded coverage in the continental United States. This technology is not to be confused with your cellular provider's network.

    My build will give you a general idea of what it's about. Discover too, other latest gizmos and gadgets that I reverse engineered.

    New to the hobby?
    I hope my build will inspire you in your endeavor.

    Welcome to Project Diamond Plate

    Microsoft has revamped Windows Vista, and they did it right this time with
    Windows7 Ultimate. Added to my carPC as the OS of choice.

    The world has seen a stunning increase in CPU and bus speeds over the last few years. This extreme acceleration, combined with the need to pack even more functionality into smaller spaces today, mean an equally dramatic increase in the amount of heat generated by components inside.

    By adding a high powered GPU, a pair of hard drives, a DVD ROM, and a sound card to the case above- you create a mini oven, hot enough to bake cookies.

    As a desktop computer, my Shuttle PC has seen better days when it was bone stock. It has gone through so much reverse engineering that it's days were being numbered. Heat inside the enclosure began to intensify as components were added gradually.

    Originally outfitted with a 240 watt power supply, I desperately wanted to get my game on when HalfLife2 was released.

    Instead of replacing the case like most people do, when having to prod at their lanbox with a set of needle nose pliers, I opted to pack this baby to full tilt.

    The Shuttle XPC is strictly designed for two hard drives, however, I made three fit, including a CDROM. The case was riddled with blowholes to accept four 90mm fans, while a 550 watt PSU adorned the top, simply to power a GPU. I got my game on alright. The case was a sight to behold, flaunting a Plexi Raptor on each side, configured to RAID0. It looked like the cryogenic enclosure from the movie Back To The Future.

    Before the internals reached a melting point, I came to the conclusion that nothing else could be added- no exceptions.

    While surfing the web, I happened to come across a site by the name of Then suddenly, my thought process shifted into high gear. I thought to myself- why not put the computer in the Jetta? I knew the pc would run much cooler dismantled, without the stock cover on. Thus began my journey into the world of automotive computing.

    *puts on band-aid bifocals

    When a home computer is placed in an automotive environment, it must be able to endure vibration, as well as temperatures of the two extremes- hot and cold.

    On the hot side, most PC hobbyists have done the obvious; myself included: by Increasing the size of the heat sinks, along with the number and power of fans located inside the chassis. The big problem with this approach, is of course, the noise.

    Grab a bag of popcorn, here, you'll discover steps I've taken to address this concern.
    As you possibly guessed, my platform is based on a small form factor motherboard design from Shuttle, known as the ST20-G5.

    *Motherboards come in a variety of sizes. They are identified in the computing world based on their "form factor". Starting from the smallest to largest is the pico form factor, followed by the mini itx, then the small form factor, and lastly, the standard ATX design.

    In the second image below, you will see the ST20-G5.

    Now let's start by analyzing temperatures inside the car using the ShuttlePC without the stock cover on.

    It's imperative to note for comparison purposes, that temperatures hovering around 60c at the processor core are considered normal in the PC world.

    In the XPC readout below, take a look at how low the ST20 scores at idle, powered up after sitting overnight with a stock heat sink and fan. This reading was taken without the use of any auxiliary fans, and ambient air temperature at the time of recording was hovering around 32c.

    The CPU is at 22c; either the XPC application has fouled, or the material characteristics of the heat sink is simply ten degrees colder than ambient air. Can anyone please explain that?
    *Profozone has already enlightened me on this. Thanks mate!

    Knowing the CPU is always the hottest part of any computer, I decided to verify the results with a digital multi-meter. Surprisingly, they were off by +/- 2 degrees Celsius, not bad at all.

    Nevertheless, in anticipation of the sweltering summer heat, I wondered if it was possible to drop these temps even further.

    A cool computer is a happy one, right?

    So, tests were conducted with heat sink and fan combo's from leading aftermarket manufacturers like Thermaltake, ASUS, and Zalman.

    Here's a shot of the ASUS heat sink and fan. It was five times louder than the stock unit at idle. While that's an indicator of the fan wanting to blast off, this combo would be great inside a case with good convection. The same applies for Zalman, and ThermalTake, but not here where I planned on using it.

    Although the other two tests aren't worthy of mention, none could effectuate a better outcome than the characteristics of Shuttle's Integrated Cooling Engine.

    Why is that so?

    On the ST20-G50, Shuttle designers were brilliant, they placed the processor core closest to the rear of the enclosure as possible, and used the technique illustrated above to blow hot air out the back while cooling the CPU at the same time.

    An aftermarket combo unit would only make the CPU heat intensify by recirculating inside the enclosure, thereby necessitating the use of an additional fan. A noisy second fan was what I wanted to avoid in the cab.

    Although diminutive in nature, Shuttle uses a single fan strategically placed to cool the ST20-G50.

    This lead me to believe that the ST20-G50, would be an excellent contender in an automotive environment.

    Welcome to the whisper quiet, thermal insulated, high performance desktop computer inside my Volkswagen Jetta.

    This setup enables me to surf the internet, video conference, download music, or play HD video while virus scan hums in the background.

    *Zero PC processor utilization while viewing HDTV

    Best of all, it's equipped with a hands-free VOIP soft phone which automatically fires up when the pc is turned on. Gone is the hassle of configuring a cellular device to my head unit or pc, for telephone service.
    V.O.I.P. stands for voice over internet protocol.

    Furthermore, immerse yourself with the ultimate karaoke experience; long distance travel has never been more exciting!
    Passengers get to sing along to their favorite songs, by selecting amongst 10,000 titles in all genres. This feature is a standalone solution that runs independent of the carpc.

    Let's continue with pics of my build...shall we

    Below, the factory Volkswagen cover keeps prying eyes at a distance. Here it's open for you to see.

    The blinding glare is emitted by a single high intensity, clear LED, reflecting off the polished aluminum diamond plate inside.

    I designed and fabricated the secondary cover plate, seen below with the AMD label, to allow for maximum cooling efficiency. Additionally, this air vent design is optimized to prevent noise from air turbulence.

    The end result is a high-performance fan that outputs a mere 32 dB under a full system load. (below/center)

    I was happy to discover that when the PC is running at idle, it's soo quiet that you'll need to put your ear near the lid to make sure the computer is turned on!

    On the far right in the image below, is fan number two, a neon blue primary air inlet three speed fan. The next images are simply close up views. click to enlarge

    This fan forces cool air up and over the main board, at the same time, through the glove box to cool the power supply.

    Triple-wall extreme cold weather insulating characteristics-
    Before the insulation was installed, the entire dash was removed to secure the computer underneath with stainless steel hardware.

    First, an eighth inch sheet of Dow Corning fiberglass thermal insulation was applied to shield the electronics from condensation that may be created by the A/C evaporator core, and air vents. Next, was a half inch thick black thermoplastic layer with an adhesive backing, then the aluminum diamond plate was added last at 3/16 inch thick.

    Aluminum material was chosen as the innermost layer, because it has an excellent heat transfer coefficient.

    Fine tuning the details-
    Aluminum edges were hand filed, then the panels were buffed to near perfection.
    A blue neon light was added inside to match the blue fan, illustrated in the previous images above.

    Insulating the housing and fabricating diamond plate to fit inside, took me almost a week of meticulous cutting.

    A few panels had to be redone due to surface scratches left by debris from the jigsaw, and me not being careful.

    (above) Hot air escapes from the left side, which has been ported and sealed from the rest of the dash.

    Ordered, was a 30mm exhaust fan that finally arrived in the mail today, 1-02-2009. Not seen below, but, it was added behind the round grille on the left.

    Security - A force to be reckoned with

    After having the opportunity to get jolted by the device below, I learned to keep my distance while it's turned on.

    Invented by Nikola Tesla for the purpose of studying high voltage phenomena. It sits on top of the CPU in the image above, and puts out a spectacular light show by emitting all the colors of a rainbow.

    Known as a plasma arc; this device delivers 1,200 volts of heart palpitating electricity. Powerful enough to keep a prospective thief at bay.
    Triggered via remote control, to turn on when the alarm is activated.

    The Graphics Engine-
    Powered by a BFG Tech nVidia GeForce 8600GTS OC

    • Offloads 100% of Blu-Ray Disc decoding from the CPU
    with a blistering 774Mhz core clock
    • Quantum Effects Technology™, advanced shader processors architected for physics computation enable a new level of physics effects to be simulated and rendered on the GPU-all the while freeing the CPU to run the game engine and AI.
    • Memory Bandwidth 32GB/sec;

    Overclocking Procedure Notes-

    Keep an eye on your GPU temperature and fan speed, this is a good indicator to determine if a safe overclock is possible.

    GPU Temp: 32c The fan is still spinning at a low rate of speed (398 rpm), despite being overclocked from 650 megahertz to 774 Mhz. The green square above, denotes that it is indeed a safe setting. The color changes from green to yellow with a 150Mhz overclock, then yellow to red at 1.1Ghz on the GPU's core processor.

    During the latter, while set to 1.1Ghz, odd pixelation started to appear, so I clocked it back to the highest safe setting, in the green at 774Mhz.

    Dare to compare it to your momma's XBOX360,
    and the Sony Playstation3?

    This core clock setting is one megahertz below
    that of the fastest GPU in the market today,
    the ultra powerful,
    ATI Radeon Sapphire 3870HDX2 GPU.

    Here I am, on my way to the seventh stage in Crysis.

    Crysis Games for Windows is amazingly stable with rich colors, shades, and textures.

    Diamond Plating-
    This task has been the most time consuming improvement to date. Expand the image to get preview of the process.

    Continuing on, this PC is sporting an AMD DualCore 2.2Ghz processor, four gigabytes of ram (2X2GB OCZ 667 Mhz), and a whopping 1,812 gigabytes of storage space combined.

    Watch DVD with the Samsung SE-S184M SuperWriteMaster™ with LightScribe technology. Burn videos and music for your friends and family at 52X, or 18X DVD+R/RW.

    *Currently listening to- She likes rock & roll by AC/DC (2008)
    You gotta grab their latest album!

    True High Speed Wireless Broadband Internet-

    I did my research before jumping on the internet bandwagon, by visiting Verizon, Sprint, At&T, T-Mobile, Clearwire, and DishNetwork to see who offered the most competitive wireless connectivity options within my area.
    Clearwire's speed and price strategy stood out above the rest without a limitation.

    Access the internet with ClearWire's wireless broadband modem; at full signal strength with five lights on, mounted atop the rear package tray

    Although the device was designed by the manufacturer for home use, I reverse engineered the power connection to be adapted for mobility.

    Since this is not a direct cable connection, one shouldn't expect to get connected at cable modem speeds -
    it's wireless.

    On average my download speed
    ranges between 1,900 kb/sec - 3,500 kb/sec max,
    while upload averages 256Kb/sec - 512Kb/sec max.

    Although bulkier than the average pc card adapter, at $39.99 a month, for unlimited throughput, ClearWire is the obvious choice. Cell phone carriers charge more per month, with a five gigabyte download cap at dial-up speeds.

    Knowing that I can video conference on the go, with anyone, anywhere in the world, with a decent internet connection, makes ClearWire a winner.

    This is the beginning of a new chapter in wireless technology to profoundly change how people and businesses send, receive, and use information. ClearWire spearheaded the latest, fastest, wireless network in the United States, known as WIMAX.

    WiMAX, stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It is a telecommunications technology that provides for the wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-point links to portable internet access. The technology provides up to 75 Mb/s symmetric broadband speed without the need for cables.

    "As we roll out our network across the country, people will no longer have to make the choice between speed and mobility. We are bringing a new mobile Internet experience to customers at speeds previously relegated to fixed locations," said Benjamin G. Wolff, chief executive officer of Clearwire. "With significant spectrum holdings yielding unmatched network capacity, a next-generation all-IP network, and an open Internet business model, Clearwire will deliver a simple value proposition aimed to improve productivity and make the Internet experience more enjoyable, wherever our customers happen to be."

    Clearwire received a $3.2 billion investment from some of the most innovative communications, entertainment, and technology companies in the world, including: Comcast, Intel through Intel Capital, Time Warner Cable, Google, and Bright House Networks, and, as previously announced, will receive an additional investment from Trilogy Equity Partners in the coming months.

    As Clearwire continues to expand their coverage, more people will begin using their service. Clearwire is based in Kirkland, Washington, which is minutes away from home. My connection is reliable, I've had their service going on two years now.

    If you'd like to read more about this technology, visit

    Telephone Service-

    The MagicJack is connected via usb port on the ST20, and is dependent on the WIMAX internet connection from ClearWire, to dial out and receive calls.

    I received an update from MagicJack, stating that they will be releasing a newer version of their soft phone, that will enable a feature similar to Wake on Lan. WOL will enable the carputer to come out of sleep mode and ring when sensing an incoming call.

    Nevertheless, the system is failsafe. It's equipped with an automatic voice mail system to record your message at the tone, even when my carpc is turned off.

    If someone left a message while the computer was off, my system is designed to notify me with AOL's e-mail message alert saying: "You've got Mail" immediately after the computer is powered up.

    Once powered up, the e-mail app will log-in automatically, and open to view my inbox.
    From the e-mail listing, I simply click on 'MagicJack' to hear your voice message and call you back right away.

    Together with ClearWire, this solution undeniably becomes a WIN, WIN, situation. So good, that I've decided to drop my cell phone service with Verizon.

    "Never pay a monthly phone bill again", is MgicJack's motto. That statement is true to the T.

    Anyway, here's the telephone software I use on the carPC courtesy of Jack, MagicJack:

    Using this SoftPhone, I can dial long distance anywhere in the continental United States for FREE. Had King Tut been alive in India, I'd be able to call him too! I simply boot the carPC, my internet connection turns on, and my phone service turns on.

    Why is the MagicJack so good?

    • Gone is the hassle of trying to configure the RAZR to my head unit via Bluetooth.

    • Also gone is my $52.90 monthly Verizon phone bill

    • I bought MagicJack for $39.95 four months ago, and have not since paid a dime for phone service, nor have I surrendered a credit card number

    • I can call anytime of the day; weekdays, weeknights, and holidays without worrying about minutes!

    • Free Directory Assistance, 911, Free phone number, Free call waiting, Free Voicemail, and free Caller ID

    To call, I simply pull up the softphone screen and dial the number via Gyration MediaCenter Remote keypad below.

    Sound is transmitted through a 1.5 megapixel web cam with integrated mic mounted on the rear view mirror. Your incoming voice outputs crystal clear through surround sound, via eight Infinity Reference speakers mounted on the doors.

    Gyration MediaCenter Remote-
    The Gyration remote,
    is an air mouse with gyroscopic motion sensing technology, and transmits signals via
    2.4GHz radio frequency up to 100 feet away, with no line-of-sight limitations.

    Certified for Vista Ultimate, and works great with Windows7, I use it to navigate through every function in Windows Media Center. No keyboard or mouse is necessary to operate the PC.

    Best of all, it is programmable to control up to four other devices, including the Pioneer Multimedia head unit in the dash, and HD-TV functions on the LCD monitor.

    1,800 gigabytes of storage space- The WD Raptor® has evolved as My C Drive. Here's the latest, fastest, 10,000 RPM SATA hard drive from Western Digital.
    Meet the VelociRaptor.™

    This year, the 300 gigabyte VelociRaptor is welded to prevent theft, underneath the shuttle box's base. It serves as a massive dual purpose heat sink for the motherboard as well.

    With a 3 Gb/s interface and 16 MB cache, this beast delivers blazing performance, it is 35% faster than its speedy older brother. With IcePack™, the 2.5-inch WD VelociRaptor is enclosed in a 3.5-inch enterprise-class mounting frame sporting a built-in heat sink, that keeps this powerful little drive extra cool, when installed in a high-performance carPC chassis.

    (D: Drive) 1,500 gigabytes of personal storage space. Meet the latest Seagate Barracuda Hard Disk.

    Whisper quiet SATA-300, 7,200 rpm, 32 MB cache. The Barracuda 7200.11 combines proven PMR technology, components and expert manufacturing to provide 1.5TB of reliable storage for mainstream desktop computers, workstations, desktop RAID, gaming and high-end PCs.

    With ample room to hold all of my DVD video and audio collection; gone is the need to encode anything using compression such as MP3, Ogg Vorbis, VQF, AAC, and other digital audio lossy formats. They do nothing but take away from the true high fidelity experience that the artist intended for you to hear.

    All of my store bought cd's have been ripped at a 1:1 ratio for the best in visual clarity, and optimum visceral response.

    One hundred forty-five gigabytes of storage space has been occupied by music alone, ripped in CDA quality.


    Sound clarity from this device will undoubtedly raise the hair
    on the back of your neck; so crisp, that the human ear cannot decipher
    audible distortion emitted at -3dB.
    Immerse yourself in a new dimension of sound,
    with a Sound Blaster on steroids.

    Meet the X-Fi Fatality Professional Series sound card

    • Equipped with 64 megabytes of X-RAM,
    performance is increased over motherboard audio by up to 15%,
    delivering the most intense bone crushing lows and crisp highs.

    • Total Harmonic Distortion 0.0008% @ -3dB
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz to 96kHz
    • 24-bit Digital-to-Analog conversion:
    • 96kHz to analog 7.1 speaker output

    You'll hear everything in crystal clarity when
    tethered to a Pioneer Premier MultiMedia Controller, like this one below, at 4 X 50 watts. It takes the ultra crisp signals from the sound blaster on steroids, and rattles the temperature gauge inside
    my firmly planted rear view mirror.

    LCD Display-

    I enjoy having the ability to multi task, so I went for a larger screen than my previous install.

    Here's my new 17" wide screen, LCD, HD-TV monitor.

    The monitor has been completely dismantled before it was recessed in the door. It protrudes from the armrest at less than half an inch. Those three rounded nubs are shaved torx stainless steel screws, which makes access denied.

    The doors metal skin, door panel, and LCD housing, were reinforced for maximum structural integrity with stainless steel hardware.
    All electronic components are sealed from the elements of rain, sand, sleet, and snow.

    It takes a minimum of three hours to remove the monitor, without breaking it; a year of closing the door, by using the monitor as a 'grab handle', hasn't affected the unit's operation

    Load Test-

    Weighing in at 185lbs, I stood on the upper edge of the monitor with the door ajar while shaking the car vigorously; no problems, this monitor is stout. So is German engineering; the stock door hinges are over half an inch thick
    at it's weakest point. I know the monitor will not be involved in some sort of 'smash and grab' excursion.

    LCD Connectivity-

    This monitor has a vast array of video/audio input/outputs - three of each to be exact, plus HDMI.

    I'll explain further how they are being put to good use; this is also my work in progress, unless otherwise noted:

    • The first set of input/output connectors are occupied by an integrated karaoke mic transmitting vocals through hi-definition surround sound via 24Bit DAC; the device is from OnStage Music Corp; operates on 9V DC, and is loaded with 10,000 music titles in all genres.
    accomplished 1-4-2009

    (now attempting to modify the microphone to be programmable via USB)

    • For the old school game players- Atari Tennis, Pacman, and Galaga controls are on hand, wired to the second set of A/V inputs; accomplished 09-08

    • Third set of inputs: spare/available

    Zero PC processor utilization while viewing HDTV

    When the monitor is switched to TV, it receives over the air local HDTV programs that can be viewed while stationary.

    If you don't know what time your favorite shows are being aired, simply push the 'Source' button on the TV to switch back to the internet, and perform a search with Google.
    • This is great for chillin out it the mall parking lot while waiting for you other half to do her shopping.

    Alternator Power-
    Bosch (

    The Jetta is equipped with a high output water-cooled 150AMP Bosch alternator that came from a VW Eurovan.
    It is the same unit that powers
    Winnebago's and Rialta RV campers

    Battery Power-
    1ea-12v Optima D31A

    75 AMP Hours (1)
    900 CCA @ 0° F
    1125 CCA @ 32° F (2)
    155 Reserve Minutes (3)
    (1) Amp Hours = Amp output sustainable for 20 hours before dropping to 10.5 volt recharge level, multiplied by 20

    (2) At all temperatures, Optima batteries can discharge far higher amperage during the first critical seconds of demand compared to conventional batteries. In difficult conditions, this provides the rapid spin required to start engines quickly when conventional batteries with equal or greater CA or CCA merely crank without firing engine

    ) Reserve Minutes = number of minutes battery will maintain 25 amps output before dropping to 10.5 volts

    Battery Storage Capacity Ratings

    Two standard ratings are used to measure a battery's storage capacity

    Amp Hours

    The Amp Hour rating tells you how much amperage is available when discharged evenly over a 20 hour period. The amp hour rating is cumulative, so in order to know how many constant amps the battery will output for 20 hours, you have to divide the amp hour rating by 20.

    Example: If a battery has an amp hour rating of 75, dividing by 20 = 3.75. Such a battery can carry a 3.75 amp load for 20 hours before dropping to 10.5 volts.

    Reserve Minutes

    Reserve minutes is the number of minutes a battery will carry a 25 amp load before dropping to 10.5 volts. (10.5 volts is the fully discharged level, at which point the battery needs to be recharged.)

    12v Optima D31A

    After fine tuning the ACPI in Windows 7, I left the computer on all night, on more than three different occasions, and the car battery still has enough juice to start the car the next morning.
    On a full charge, I can watch HDTV, or use the PC nonstop, for eight hours straight, before having to start the car.

    Digital Control Center on the Schumacher Elite, enables me to precisely determine what can be added to the CarPc based on the component's efficiency.
    According to the device, I am pulling a 5 amp load with the PC running while updating this post.

    So essentially, at 5 amps power draw
    while surfing the internet and playing music, it would take 15 hours of run time before I would need to start the car.

    Power Supply-

    Side Note: If you want maximum power efficiency, less heat, and a longer battery run time - whenever possible, avoid the use an inverter

    I just thought I'd mention that the DCX6 360W power supply featured here is not the same unit being sold on the mp3Car Store.

    Nevertheless, the DCX6 360 has a micro-controller that controls and monitors various functions of the power supply operation. It's an intelligent DC-DC power supply which monitors vehicle battery voltage to protect against deep discharge. The ignition lead is monitored to start the PC when the ignition is turned on and to implement safe shutdown procedure. It controls and monitors motherboard signals to provide smooth power-up and power-down sequences. The power supply can be configured to shut down the PC after a predetermined delay of up to 60 min. The power supply outputs are monitored to assure proper PC operation.
    Wake on interrupt feature in DC-DC together with Wake on LAN function on motherboards can be used to access the vehicle/mobile PC over wireless network without turning on the ignition switch for up to 20 min. at a time. This feature is useful for updating, uploading and down loading data/files of the car PC remotely. A green LED indicator in the power supply continually indicates the status and health. It is also used for troubleshooting.
    Two Remote/trigger outputs of the DC-DC can be used to turn on/off slave devices such as head units, Audio Amplifiers, LCD monitors, DVD players, Two way radio units, etc.
    One regulated 12V output (3.5A max) available for powering peripheral devices such as LCD monitors, WiFi radios, etc.
    There are features that are built-in for trouble free and safe PC operation. The input power is protected against transients, load dumps and double battery conditions. The PC does not reboot during engine start or cranking.
    It also uses state-of-the-art technologies and most advanced techniques to maximize efficiency, performance and reliability. Simply put, there is no other PC power supply like it.

    Current items being powered by DC6-360 PSU-

    • motherboard & CPU
    • PCI sound card
    • two desktop hard drives
    • one full size DVD- Drive
    • five USB Devices connected to:
    12 USB ports (3hubs x 4ports)
    • Majic Jack
    • Microsoft GPS Receiver
    • 1.5 MP webcam
    • 30 in 1 memory card reader
    • Gyration Remote/Keyboard Receiver

    Items NOT powered by the DC power suppply
    • Video Card BFG 8600GTS OC
    • 17" wide screen LCD/ HD-TV
    • ClearWire Wireless Highspeed BroadBand Internet Modem

    The memory card reader-

    This deal accepts media cards from your MP3 player, PDA, digital camera and more; The 5 universal slots can read 30 different formats of memory cards. Deciding on where to put it was quite simple. This is the best spot for it.


    You can't see the reader from standing outside unless you're six foot tall and my sunroof was left open. Out of sight, out of mind was the approach here.

    The card reader supports the following types: CompactFlash Type I/II, Microdrive, MagicGate, SmartMedia, SmartMedia ROM, xD-Picture Card, xD-Picture Card M-Type, xD-Picture Card H-Type, Secure Digital, mini SD Card, Secure Digital ROM and Micro Secure Digital (T-Flash); MultiMediaCard I, MultiMediaCard II, MultiMediaCard 4.0, MultiMediaCard Dual Voltage, MultiMediaCard Plus, MultiMediaCard Mobile, MultiMediaCard Micro, RSHS-MultiMediaCard, RS-MultiMediaCard and RS-MultiMediaCard Dual Voltage; RS-MultiMediaCard 4.0, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Select, Memory Stick ROM, Memory Stick PRO, Memory Stick MagicGate, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Duo MagicGate, Memory Stick PRO Duo and more

    Slots can be used at the same time for data exchange, except Secure Digital and Micro Secure Digital (T-Flash)

    Next up was to fabricate a four port USB Hub to mount below the memory card reader

    I found this plastic piece laying around, and don't know what it belongs to. However, the color and size matches my interior without the need for painting.

    So, I decided that it was useful as a low profile usb housing. I then drilled a hole for the green LED to be visible from below. Afterward, I cut a narrow opening for the ports to fit properly. Hot glue was later applied to keep the electronics secure. To power the device, a six foot USB printer cable was routed to the motherboard header.


    Being next to the sunroof opening, this location should enable the GPS receiver to zero-in on its position quickly. I mounted it below the 30 in 1 memory card reader seen here:

    TSW Kayalami staggered rims and tires were added last-

    Front 225/40 ZR18; Rim:18"X8's

    Rear: 245/40ZR18 Rim: 18"X9's

    For those of you who want an extreme system in your car. Shuttle will be parading the shoebox design based on the same dimensions, but powered by an Intel i7 Core at CES 2009, known as the Shuttle H7 5800.

    My post will be updated to reflect new system enhancements, so check back often. Thanks for stopping by!


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    hey, nice install, looks good and functions well obviously... only concern i would have is about the hard drive position... would prefer something more .. uhh.. stealth?. just my opinion tho... grats on a great job

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    hey kensby thanks for the kudos. unfortunately there isn't really much space elsewhere in the dashboard to mount the hard drive. Besides, longer wires= more lag in response time, such is critical in a computer environment. I do have a stubby 2inch sata cable that I picked up from a friend who works in a computer store, I hope to use it if I can, because it makes a difference.

    Nevertheless, I can still put back the stock dash cover if I take the time to recess the diamond plate cover. I'm still debating whether I should do it. I plan on entering the car in a local car show next summer.

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    i think the originality of the set up is sick too many times you see people stuff the computer away in a case in the trunk the way you did it looks nice the only thing i see a problem with an exposed hard drive is the chance it gets exposed to direct sunlight just something to think about
    hope you dont play crysis while driving heh

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    hey you said you switched to led headlights? do you have any info on those?
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    MOBBED, It's always cold here in Washington state, except for a month or so of summer.

    Touching the hard drive after it's been on for a while with the cooling fans off, the temp seems to be slightly cooler than my hand.

    The VelociRaptor hard drive is quite similar in size to that of the laptop versions, but spins at 10,000 rpm. So, the heat sink is massive compared to it.

    I, too, often ask why put the puter in the trunk? It works for some folks better than others despite the lack of air circulation.

    Although this took a little more time and creativity getting it to fit in the dash, I did it for a matter of convenience, everything is within arms reach way. The computer can also be upgraded easily by removing the cover. Glad you thought it looks cool/sick! =)

    As for touch screens, they tend to get dirty faster, and after a while, lose transparency leaving the display colors turning yellowish.

    I despise squinting to read text, so screen size was a very important factor, and also it being able to operate on 12Volts DC.

    Having an inverter in my car especially since most pc's require 12 volts to begin with, is like ordering a backup generator when all you needed was the 12 volt battery that sits in the generator to crank the starter.

    In an automotive application, an inverter to me is a no, no. It creates enough heat to start a fire. Especially being how cheap some are made, with plastic housings, leaving one on unattended by accident could prove to be disastrous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueOvalMacMech View Post
    hey you said you switched to led headlights? do you have any info on those?

    or search: Osram Opto Semiconductors

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    i looked through the osram site, and checked out the link you gave. i was wondering if you could post some information about your specific setup, like what kind of leds and such for the headlights, how its setup, etc.
    i'm interested in led headlights for a project i have here, and would love to have info on a working setup
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    Quote Originally Posted by kensbey View Post
    hey, nice install, looks good and functions well obviously... only concern i would have is about the hard drive position... would prefer something more .. uhh.. stealth?. just my opinion tho... grats on a great job
    Raptors were made for two reasons.



    Its a show drive, and that is why they put a window on it. Dude, your set up is sick.

    They only problem I have is the screen, it's in a awkward position. I bet you get quite some neck cramps.
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    wait a second, did you replace the airbag with a carpc?
    dsatx in voompc 2 case <HERE>

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