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Thread: 2008 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI (European) Carpc project

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    2008 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI (European) Carpc project

    I finally could take some pictures of my system. Now I don't use carwings skin, I use digital fx... Normally this car has a oval shaped music set, so the hole of the dashboard is oval shaped. The best thing being in Turkey is cheap labor force!! I found a superb fiberglass craftsman. He cut the case and filled both sides with fiberglass. Then I brought the case to the painter. He painted the case. Then I brought the case to nickeling craftsman he made an inner case to hide the errors of the hole. At total it costed me around 50YTL which makes around 35 dollars!

    And my case:

    Thanks to Ebay I was able to buy monitor, gps and powersupply from US; but car pc case is a lot bigger than monitor and etc. Only the shipping cost for a pc case was around 110 dollars min. so I decided to make my own car pc case. I used The cardboard outer case of lilliput 629GL. I covered it with an alliminum looking cover, and I bought a plexiglass plate for the upper cover. I also painted some parts of the system with UV paint. The case costed me at total 60 dollars including three fans, uv paint, and uv light!!

    Here are the pictures of the case:

    My Car pc case is shiny at night!!

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    Nice job HuseyinOzsut.

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    Nice install

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    Nice install, good job.
    Bizden projeleride burada görmek çok güzel. İnşallah yakında bende projemi burada yayınlayacağım. Tekrar tebrikler.
    DH forumdan senol1979.

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    nice setup

    nice setup..

    Huseyin cok guzel olmus eline saglik. Burada da bir Turk yapimi gormekten mutluluk ve gurur duydum.. Kismetse ayni yolda ben de ilerliyorum. Urunleri ebay'den aldin sanirim gumrukte sorun yasadin mi? Cevabi ozelden de verebilirsin

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