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Thread: 2007 Acura TSX Carputer - Touchscreen and Centrafuse

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    2007 Acura TSX Carputer - Touchscreen and Centrafuse

    I have finally completed my carputer project, as well as the ability to sync my car with my entire MP3 collection wirelessly from out in the driveway. I used a 7" Lilliput transflective touch screen and carputer components purchased here at :-)

    Please take time to check out my video, and comment on it if you like it!

    Thanks! Any questions/comments/concerns are appreciated!

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    Nice job. But I think you shold show a little more of the Car-PC instead of your home equipment!
    By the way...It seems that you haven't installed the Latest DirectX, as the visualization in Cf runs very slow...

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    since the site is, the primary focus of the video should be his home.

    anyway, great video and im envious of your home set up.
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    I would say that 88% of that video was your house.. Your "Digital Crib" has nothing to do with your thread title.

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    How did you manage to get your car to sync? What does it sync? A specific file? Music, moves, other files?

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