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Thread: Vauxhall astra coupe install

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    Vauxhall astra coupe install

    In Summer 07 i installed a mac mini into the coupe.

    I wasn't really happy with the fit and finish though. So last Christmas i ripped it all out and rebuilt the glovebox shelf using aluminum sheeting. I then built a locking door and trimmed it with leather to hide and protect everything. I also took the opportunity to install silent fans and a USB Hub while everything was open.

    Another thing which had originally bugged we were the monitor controls on the front of the touch screen. (you can see them in the first picture) So i relocated these to the ash tray.

    Once that was done i refinished all the plastics in Dark metallic Grey. it had originally been body colour, but i proffered the dark finish as it was less glaring in the sun.

    Testing phase last summer

    Final product. Will take some more pictures soon.

    Video of some basic operation.

    and for those who don't know what an astra coupe is...

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    Cool Nice!!

    Just goes to show - Hard work and planning pay off.

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    HEY Buddy! I see that you're using MACmini! What is your FrontEnd and Skin? It looks amazing and pretty simple!!! I was thinking trying the MAC route, do you mind giving me more details on your software setup??<

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    glad you like it.

    the setup i had when i took these photos was:

    Mac Mini running winXP SP2 & Boot Camp. Front end is road runner using LSX void 2.0 and the Navigation software is Navigator 4.

    I've just upgraded to the latest version of Road runner and the LSX void skin and i'm having a few embedding problems with Navigator, but hopefully i'll figure that out at the weekend.

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    Red face How to fix the dash?


    Have 4 places to put screw 2 below air difuse and 2 below the radio, right? I see then you place the lcd in front of the 2 screw below air difuse, so, did you do not put it ? And if you don't, when you run way make any noise or every thing is well fixed?

    I have bought a mac mini (PPC) another dash to fix de lcd like you do, and and looking to your project, make me think about it..


    PS: Your project is very nice, so I will do one like it... but I will keep the air difuse, and put the air control in place of you put the radio.

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    Props for Futurama

    I really like the setup in your glove box with the lock. The keyboard looks pretty sweet (not to mention handy) as well. Nice work!

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    Looks professional, and the glove box is neat!

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    hi where did you get the front grill to match the gsi bumper grills???

    hi where did you get the front grill to match the gsi bumper grills??? i really want one!!!

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