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Thread: 97 Honda Accord, lots of pix

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    heading out for the night, will post tomorrow

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    Your install is pretty nice man! COngrats.

    I have a 1995 accord with pretty much the same setup as you.

    I spent countless hours filling sanding and painting my screen only to have it smashed to pieces by a family member by mistake when I sat it out to dry - so now its not looking as nice as yours.

    Other then my screen problems I've been having with my 706 TSA and the winamp issues i've been having with dfx 4.0 - I'm pretty happy with it.

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    Great looking install. I can't wait to get started on my crx!

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    You fit all that behind the dash, nice job. I had a hard time as it was fitting my setup in the dash since I have a car alarm brain sitting back there, too. I opted to do a single DIN motorized monitor in order to keep my head unit, with the carputer in the glovebox.

    Thought about doing the ashtray USB ports as well, but I opted the lazy route and used a USB hub routed through the OBD2 hole.

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    What tools are you using to work / cut aluminum?

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    Hey, I've been away from here for a while, do to being summertime. I will try to answer the two questions here I've been sitting on.

    I did all my aluminum work with a standard table saw, a hack saw, a drill press, and a file.

    My PC is an Intel Atom based glacier falls 2 board.

    Intel D945GCLF2
    2 GB's ram
    250 GB HDD
    M4-250 Watt ATX power supply
    iConnect BT dongle
    Visteon HD Radio
    Lilliput 8" WS lcd. (unfortunately, one that doesn't work correctly in 16:9, but not a big deal)
    BU-353 GPS dongle
    Win XP SP3, RR, DXF4, Winamp 5 (the listed version of 5 to use), iGuidance4

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    what sound card are you using? sorry i know this

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    I'm using the onboard sound.

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