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Thread: VW Golf MKIV Custom Laptop install-DVD-Radio-Bluetooth-WiFi-USB (pics)

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    VW Golf MKIV Custom Laptop install-DVD-Radio-Bluetooth-WiFi-USB (pics)

    Hey all,

    So after having used my laptop install for about 6 months with no troubles at all now, I finally got some time to post the install process so you can see how I did it on my car.

    First Id like to thank everyone who helped me along the way, and all the info I got from reading the mp3car forum to help me get my install working just the way I wanted it.

    My setup:
    Compaq Presario V6210 Laptop with broken screen (removed)
    AMD Sempron 3200
    1gb ram
    60gb HD
    2 usb ports + 4 on Express Card
    External DVD drive
    Bluetooth Dongle
    WiFi external antenna (hacked)
    Brando USB FM Radio
    Lilliput EBY701 7" Touchscreen

    Diagram for my project:

    I apologize for the blurry pictures as they're from my cell phone...

    So here's the car:

    This was my workbench when I still had the laptop all opened up before hacking into the power button:

    Here's some acrilyc glass that I got for my screen frame, and fabricated it to fit into the dash:

    Test fitting to see if I got the size right:

    After getting the right fit, time to make the hole for the screen:

    To hold the screen in place I hacked into an old portable stereo I had laying around, cut some of the screw holders off it and superglued them to the acrylic frame:

    (the blue tape was on just to hold them while they dryed)

    Getting ready for painting:

    For the paint I used matte black automotive spray paint. It doesn't look as good on these first pictures, but the final result was pretty much good..

    The relay hooked up:

    This is a little amp I bought for the sound. I didn't care for a really loud sound, so I got this little one just to power my factory speakers.

    Now hooking up the laptop:

    And the screen:

    (I later put a 4 port hub behind the screen where I plugged in the Brando USB Fm Radio and a USB extension cord going into my glove compartment for plugging flash drives)

    Testing the DVD drive:

    (After a few tests I realized the regular 10 ft (3 meter) USB extension cable just didn't send enough power to the drive, so I had to get a usb cable with a signal repeater.)

    So with that solved, I cut a hole for it on the frame:

    This is how my trunk looked before finishing up...[very blurry pic]

    (the little blue thing on the right is my bluetooth dongle..)


    The fabricated button panel... the little one powers the laptop, the second powers the screen, and the third is a kill switch that cuts power to the amp, laptop and screen, in case I dont want to turn the carpc on for some reason.

    Anti-theft cover:

    So this is it for now!! I later plan on putting a usb GPS receiver, backup cam, and maybe a OBDII reader.....but for now Im pretty satisfied with it... Tell me what you think!! Thanks all!!!

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    Nice install, and I'm very much liking the anti-theft cover, it looks awesome. How does it stay on? I'm wanting to do something similar for my carPC.

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    thanks man!! i'm glad you liked it...

    the cover fits in the little space between the screen and the ac controls.. there's a little gap there that holds it in place. sometimes when I try to drive around with it on, it falls down, so it's usually on just when I'm parked..

    I basically cut another piece of acrylic, painted it black with the same spray paint as the screen frame, and for the finish I bought a VW rim sticker and glued it on.

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    Looks good man, check mine out too 2005 VW Jetta GLI

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    Good looking.

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    Your project looks great. I was wondering what you used to create your project diagram page. The icons look good.

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    I created this diagram based on another member's project diagram (imprezive one) I saw in one of his posts on the forum...which by the way looks great also...
    I then used a software called CorelDraw X3 to redraw the icons based on my own project. so if you're familiar with this drawing software it can be very useful!

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    2 ideas

    If you decide to redo the plexi, paint behind the plexi so it keeps it shiney. Just a cleaner look

    put magnets behind the plexi so your anti theft sticks on there better

    Good build though!

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    What do you use to power the laptop?

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    I hope he's using a DC-DC laptop adapter, seeing inverters in these cars makes me cringe

    Nice setup! Great job, man...

    If I may ask, what did you use to draw up your diagram?



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