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Thread: Lexus IS 200 - Dell SX260

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    Cool Lexus IS 200 - Dell SX260

    Finaly finished my carputer..

    - Dell Optiplex SX260 in the trunk
    - powered from a Carnetix P2140
    - 7 port usb-hub in glovebox
    - 7" touch-screen in OEM satnav housing
    - touchpad as an alternate input device
    - GPS navigation
    - OBDII connection
    - Reverse camera
    - Ipod intergration

    Here are some pics:

    2 days of hard word to get everything inside...

    I have to find a more discreet way to mount the PC box


    7 port usb-hub and a keyboard in the glovebox

    OBD data through Centrafuse

    Hope you like it...

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    Haha. Nice way of mounting your PC.

    By the way, where do you have your touchpad mounted? Pics of that.

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    Well... it holds it in place! Doesn't?

    And it's very easy to take it home.

    You can see the touchpad in two photos.

    It's behind the shift knob and the lighter. You can't see it well because its the same color with my dash. And that's the way i like it!

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