Jeeputer is running n-lited Windows XP SP3 and
Streetdeck 2.0

Intel D945GCLF2 mini-ITX motherboard

Motherboard Box

voomPC 2 enclosure
2gb Ram
1.6GHZ Dual-core Atom 330 CPU
32GB Parot SSD (For OS)
160GB HDD (For Music and Videos)
ELM5 OBDII scanner (can get it to work.)
Griffin Powermate for a sweet volume knob and music scroller.

I Had to cut the dash with a gerber.
I put tape around the screen's edges . After placing the screen where I wanted it, I put this hardening clay on the sides and let it dry. When I remove the screen which was protected by the tape, the clay made a perfect mold of the screen, thus making a perfect fit. After some sanding and cutting and tweaking I painted and had to cut some plastic out of the inside of the jeep's dash to fit the new screen that will be in there. Took me a while, but it's so nice to have the screen in the dash, finally.

I had this setup with the screen on a mount on top of the dash, and the whole car PC and sound system got ripped off right in front of my house. Insurance covered it, and I made sure everything got securely attached when I re-built. The sub has steel cable attaching it, and the carPC and amp are hard-core bolted in. The only thing that is realistically steal-able is the screen, if they rip my dash out.

Streetdeck 2 is really nice. I can't get it to work with the OGG format yet, though.