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Thread: My 93 Roadmast Wagon

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    My 93 Roadmast Wagon

    I'm comfortable enough with it now to actually show it in its first iteration, beleive me, there will be many more to come(I've already picked out a nice 15" touchscreen). I've had it up and running for about a week now. I'm still having issues with the M4 not shutting down at all, I'm just using a momentary for the time being untill I can devote more time to figuring that one out. The system consists of a Intel Atom motherboard, M4 ATX, HQCT, hitachi 500gb 2.5" hdd, kingston lowprofile 2gb ram, and a 10.4 Lilliput touchscreen. Let me know what you guys think. Most of the bodywork flaws you see are what I have to take it back apart for to fix(mainly that hole under the screen in the dash and the heater controll sticking out the console). The audio portion is 8" MB Quart components in the front doors/dash with QSD crossovers, JL Audio 300/2 and 250/1 and a JL Audio 12W7(the 250 is going to get upgraded to a 500 shortly, I used to have a 8W7, hence the small amp).

    regular ram vs the lowprofile one

    heres the "kind of stock" dash, the heater control was already relocated to the top, and the centerconsole I built over the summer


    and running Centrafuse

    Upon request I'll post build pics, but I'm sure you guys have seen plenty, I did the typical kitty hair/bondo build up.

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    that is really nice looking. good job.
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    Dude, Nice job. I have a buick century wagon I am gonna do a carputer install. (g-body).

    How has you screen been durin the day? Hard to see with glare? I also dig you console, nice job

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