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Thread: 2005 Infinity G35 6MT Coupe

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    2005 Infinity G35 6MT Coupe

    Ok so my last G35 was totalled and I've had this one now for about 4 months and decided it time to get the show on the road. This one came equipped with factory Nav which left alot to be desired especially after having gotten use to a carpc. I went ahead and removed and sold the factory Nav and now I'm in the midst of a full install. I will be going without a radio this time and will feed the sound from the pc directly to the amp. The last 2 pics show the way I had the screen molded in my last G so I may end up going that route again later

    Pc Hardware
    Mini ITX Carputer Car PC w/ D945GCLF2, M2-ATX,1G RAM
    M2-ATX Smart Power Supply
    320 2.5 Hard Drive
    Powered USB hub
    Sprint USB Aircard

    Windows XP
    DFX 4.0


    1.Ordered and installed lilliput Touchscreen
    2.Ordered and installed by JDM Double Dit
    3.Tapped into my ignition, battery and ground
    4.Wired up my Kenwood 800 watt Amp (had this from last install)

    Waiting for pc to arrive so I can finish this install and go on vacation

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    Screen looks good nice work....

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    That is absolutely gorgeous.

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