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Thread: Audi A6 C5

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    Audi A6 C5

    I finally got around to doing it, it's still a W.I.P., but who's isn't? lol

    Parts list

    Intel D945GCLF2 Atom 330 Mini ITX Motherboard/CPU
    2GB of RAM
    16GB Solid State Disk for Windows (Running TinyXP 09 w/ MinLogin)
    320GB WD Scorpio Laptop Disk for media and maps (Built in ShockGuard tech)
    TrendNET USB Bluetooth dongle
    Pinnacle HDTV USB TV Tuner (with FM Radio and DVR functionality)
    BU-353 GPS Reciever
    LinkSys a/b/g USB WiFi dongle
    Dynamix 710 Touchscreen LCD (UltraBright)
    Metra Dbl Din Mount Kit
    Metra Wire Harness for Symphony Systems
    SoundMax Stereo MIC
    Morex 5677 Mini-ITX Case

    I took the Metra Double DIN Mounting kit and decided to mount the Headrest kit that came with the Dynamix monitor.

    I added a USB port as well, but after a test fit, I sadly had to remove it (Just didn't fit in the Audi dash)

    I also drilled 2 pilot holes for the SoundMax MIC

    Here the MICs are added and flushed up, some bondo, and alil glaze, and some sanding.

    Out in the sun to dry after a couple coats of flat black.

    Kinda a crappy pic, but she's inside and dry =)

    I ended up getting both the 320GB spinning disk and 16gb SSD mounted inside the case, the WiFi adapter and BlueTooth dongle wired inside.

    The TV/FM Tuner sits external as it doesn't work with CentraFuse so I use the Tuners remote to launch, control and close it's own TV / DVR application

    Ready to install

    The screen doesn't sit as far into the dash as I would like it, stock was about an inch back.

    I'm still working on the CentraFuse skin I made for my A6, but most of it is done

    And the baby she sits in

    I still have to mount the PC under the dash and put the dash back in, I'm debating the FusionBrain so I can use the Steering wheel controls. But so far I love it!

    Can any one recommend a good noise filter? I have the BOSE sound system in my car, and the amps are picking up horrible engine noise and alil from the PC

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    Looking good. A radio shack ground loop isolator helped my noise.

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    I was looking at these from Crutchfield

    In-Line Power Ground Loop Isolator


    In-Line RCA Ground Loop Isolator.

    I was debating, should I get the Power Conditioner, or the RCA one? or get both?

    If I get the RCA one, I'll have to buy 2 as I have 4 sets of RCAs (fronts and rears) hooked up to my factor sound system.

    Opinions? Would both the power and RCA isolators be over kill? will I get back performance from one over the other?

    Thank you

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