I like the way this project is progressing(a bit much for the average vehicle...but in the style van you have its awesome). I would add a circular table under the monitor so that you could again swivel the monitor toward the passenger, thus eliminating the need for a second monitor(at least for those sitting in the front or behind the drivers seat). Also, i would cut two cup size holes into the front center off your table to reintroduce cup holders into the install since it appears you no longer have any(you can get actual holders that will slip into the holes you cut at Pep Boys). You could fabricate a center console type console to further get that factory "feel" to conceal your entire PC set-up, converter and all(sort of like making a sub-box), then carpet it up to match your interior carpet. I'd also look into adding some wood-grain into it to make it "feel" more factory(you could start with some adhesive wood-grain wallpaper that matches or is close to the wood-grain in the van). All you would have to do after adding the wood-grain would be to clear-coat it(trust me...that would set your install off). You could remove the monitor trim and do the same thing to it.....just some ideas to grow on!!!