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Thread: 2002 Ford Exploder 4 door.

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    2002 Ford Exploder 4 door.

    Well, FINALLY, after lurking this forum for a few. I put together a carputer. The computers workshop is my 02 ford explorer. Nothing fancy yet, I actually just finished it up yesterday about 7 PM. Voom 2 enclosure. Intel glcf, atom based, 1.6 ghz. 2gb ram. 250gb sata 2.5 inch hdd. M2 ATX PSU. Lilliput 629 in the dash. Dual 600W Amplifier. ( I hang my head with shame as I tell you that I haven't changed speakers yet). It still has the little 25watters stockers in there. Ill try to blow dem suckers up manny-yanni. anyway I dont have alot of pics. i did it all in about 19 hour stretch, which included all the shopping for parts , and all of the fabricating. Im tired. Here are a few flicker pics. Thats the stock bezel b4 and after mods. Toot-a-loo chaps...

    Still a work in progress. I dont have any other stuff set up yet. for now I only have my MP3's working. But I do plan on going with all the bells and whistles, BT, NAV, OBD2,
    I got a blackberry storm. So I think I can get internet with that hooked up through a data cable. I guess it would work through BT, but Im not sure how to set it up. I'm not the smartest computer guy
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    Sounds good, cannot see pics

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