Hi !

I am new in this forum and for Brussel, Europe...

Congrats for this site, I have learned a lot!

Here is my project:

I would like to install and Ipod touch in my future new Audi tt. I would like to do it without using an expensive interface like Dension Gateway 500 (500-600 USD).

I already have the aux cable for the rns-e (OEM GPS Screen) with composite in (white/red/yellow).

My first intention was to connect this cable to a takkeon interface (with own video interface, very nice : http://www.tekkeon.com/downloads/dtasht-navdock.pdf )

But, I have contacted them and it seems that the remote signal will not go trough the plastic of the glovebox compartment. :-(

So I am a little bit lost. I would like to use a remote to keep my eyes on the road and to keep the glovebos closed, but It seems it is not possible.

Any idea, suggestion, experience?



PS: additional question: any tips to add an usb in the glovebox?