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Thread: Crimpdaddy's Finest

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    Crimpdaddy's Finest

    ok... this doesnt show much of the actual functioning software as the rear monitor went *poof* right b4 i shot this video but you will get the idea as there is a fusion brain controlling all the motorization and accessory functions in the car... enjoy

    we are planning another video/photo shoot so that i can get more pics of the software and the functionality of the whole system but this car is on a very busy schedule.

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    Is there a page with the info regarding the system anywhere? Or maybe I'm jumping the gun and you're going to update again.
    Also, I know it's the MP3Car Forum, but are there any powertrain upgrades?


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    im going to update eventually with all the equipment i just recently put in but as for powertrain... that car is strictly for show purposes and he has done nothing to boost the power whatsoever. this is actually the 4th generation install on this car as the guy has to keep up with all the upgrades going on in the show car world. it took me 2 years to finally talk him into doing the pc and he is more than happy with the results. i am currently working on a new project that will be a much larger scale. lots more motorization and much much more being controlled by the pc. the fusion brains are a dream for the mobile electronics industry as i can use them to control pretty much anything. i do promise to get the details posted of all the equipment in the near future. thanks

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    Hey there, awesome work. I saw v3 FB in there, and the overall product is pretty cool.

    A little monitor crazy for my personal taste, but hey... it's a show car, so why not?!

    If you are doing installation/fabrication as a business or for other people, keep in mind we do offer volume discounts. Keep up the good work, and I look forwards to a writeup or more static worklog with explanations if you ever get around to it.
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    Nice looking vette .

    If you've got any specs on the system, we'd like to see 'em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crimpdaddy View Post
    ...all the motorization...
    First off, I won't claim that I'll ever understand the show car mentality. Next, what all is motorized? I see some stupid monitor in the back moving up and down. What else? Where is all this motorization?

    Number 2: Is that an intel D945GCLF2 box I spotted? I'd like to know the specs too! If I was the owner of that car and I found out you used that board... I'd be ****ed. All this money spent I'm sure, only to end up with an $80 mobo/chip combo when there are so many better things that could have been put in there.

    Number 3: CrimpDaddy? With a name like that, I'd be scared to have you working on my car...

    EDIT: Ok one more... nice glass work. I truely am impressed with the quality.

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    Whoever clipped together that video should be shot, Changing scene every 2 seconds to keep with the music? Quite annoying and reminiscent of making videos in high school.

    Tidder: I think he means the motorized 19" screen? It's REALLY slow though, not sure why they made it go that slow. Kinda get bored waiting for it to come out.

    Don't get me wrong, there's a lot of good craftsmanship that went into that, I just don't think it was implemented very well. Suppose that might be cause I'll never understand a complete lack of functionality in the name of form.
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    nice Vette! great job!

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    ok... typically i love criticism... i thrive on it as when i take it and use it... i can better my overall product. having said that... i will NOT take the criticism of my motorization by someone that dare i say has most likely never worked with motorization with more than one pivoting point. just for you... HUG A NUT. and as for the intel board... and all the supposed money that was spent.. .it was a favor job and i merely work within the means of my budget. and as for my video making ability... my 1st video... never claimed to be a video maker but the general public enjoyed it as did they at the car shows that this car continually takes 1st place in.

    having said all that... i am very glad you all enjoy the overall fiberglass work as that is where i accel. this is the 1st car pc i have built although ive been designing mine for awhile. not quite ready until i can do my hvac on a touchscreen. again. when i get around to it i will post the specs of the computer for the vette but after seeing all the negativity and rudeness on this thread by a supposed moderator... i figured i would retaliate... but thanks again.

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    i think it looks cool... hard to tell with the video like it is. one of those worst advertisements ive ever seen, i have a headache now.

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