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Thread: My 1993 Chrysler LeBaron

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    Really nice setup for "back then" a commodore64 or even better, commodore amiga would be a real multimedia machine. Your atari had a better purpose I see, hope that car is still around.

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    Now THAT looks like something out of Knight Rider (the 80s version).
    Check out my GMC Savana worklog.

    Remaining tasks to facilitate vanputer installation codename "Enterprise":
    - Edit skin to liking.
    - Get compatible phone for
    - Facilitate HVAC control.

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    ... what a "car" ~

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    **still laughing**

    Honestly, I was feeling a bit down since my project was moving too slow for my liking. I saw this thread, and have not stopped laughing since...

    @ l33t_tj - I don't care what anybody says, I tip my hat off to you; that's cool car. Even with no PC inside of it.

    @ Enforcer - I had to go back twice and figure it out. Ha-ha.

    @ Bugbyte - Looking at that Atari, I feel to go find a C64 emulator and put that in my car!! Now that would be retro!!

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    The car would be awesome with this in it.

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    Well i guess if you like it its good . I personally don't, but its not my car . Have fun with it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by trader007 View Post
    no its cool in his case, there was no such thing as carpc's in the 80's.
    It started in the 80's. Reatta, Riviera, Toronado. Touch-screen CRTs. IBM 8088 computers.

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    I remember the 8088. I used to have an old tandy 1000hx with that chip. it was plenty powerful enough for the text based shareware games I wrote in basic and qbasic. I know this is an old thread, but this is a fine spot to be at in a build. maybe not the best spot to end at, but looks damn fine for proof of concept. we should all remember the golden rule to building anything in this world. form follows function. when function takes backseat to form, the end result will always look better than it performs. when I first built my carpc, I built it into the glove box just for easier access because I knew I was still early in the building phase, and was going to be adding and swapping parts until I achieved my desired results. and it reached a point where I could no longer fit things in my glove box, and had everything hanging in its place. only after I achieved all 7 scores in windows assessment and was content with hardware configuration did I begin to mount carpc to vehicles ecu tray that mounts under passenger side toeboard under carpet. even the routing of the wires is acceptable to get to a point where you know what wires and wire ends you need where, to let your harness take its shape. if all hardware is in and all bugs are out, then the next step in this build should be to take one part of the build at a time, just one thing(like the wire routing, OR the switchbox, OR the antenna mounts, etc.) and without rushing, just put some thought to what might look clean and match the car's appearance. and spend some time taking in ideas, be it from hardware stores, auto parts stores, Wal-Mart, ebay,, google, anywhere possible. and slowly, it will begin to take a professional look to it. I am really curious to know if this car is still on the road

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