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Thread: Honda Accord 1997SE (Many Pictures)

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    Honda Accord 1997SE (Many Pictures)

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    Modified Xbox V.1.6
    7" Screen Headrest
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    Hey out of curiosity what is your cold boot time from when you turn on your car?

    Can you include any tweaks done to windows and what HDD you are using etc...


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    Nice work man. As a fellow Accord modder, I like what you did with the bezel.

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    Nice work. I am also curious to see the final result of the glove box. Do you have any exhaust fans or other cooling in your project? Nice job on the bezel and your screen is nice and bright. Since the location of your display sits a little lower than some other cars do you use any peripheral devices such as bluetooth or usb keyboard, or just strictly OSK (when you're not driving of course )
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