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Thread: BMW E30 Built-In GPS Navigation

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    BMW E30 Built-In GPS Navigation

    I have a BMW 316i M40 1989, in an excellent condition. The version with 2000cc and above have a thing called "check control", and it's located right above the rear view mirror. It's a small device that tells the driver if any of the electrical devices such as: front lights, rear lights, foglight, airbag, etc. ain't working properly. My car, however, doesn't have check control, and I thought it might be a good place to put a built-in GPS Navigation. I have managed to find the trim and the sunshades from the model that has check control, and I was pretty lucky to find the navigation which shape and size matches the one of the original device.

    I must say I'm not a great fan of customizing, I still have 99% of the original BMW parts, original radio, CD changer, speakers (6 of them, including the twitters in the front doors, which are pretty rare) - everything added later; but, I am not against customizing if it does not stand out too much, and if it matches factory look.

    So, here's my mini-project

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    Yes, it is a bit tricky, but you get used to it, and it usually takes the same amount of time to look at it, as when you're looking in the rearview mirror. And, ofcourse, there is voice guidance

    For certain amount a time, I've been using it as a normal GPS, attached to windshield, but I got tired of removing it every time I left the car, afraid that some would break the window in order to steal it; window is more expensive than the GPS...

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    That looks pretty cool, good job!
    I need to post my E46 install soon...

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    I see you used the putty epoxy. I love that stuff to death. It makes it so easy to mold shapes and what not, very easily. I tried it in the past for my screen bezel, which didn't work out (isn't to good in large applications where it requires thick areas). i did use it though to finish my rear center console, repair a hole in the front console, and make some custom shape for my IR receiver.
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