This is what you get when you put in a Satellite Uplink, a HD switcher, a HD Instant Replay box, and a CarPC in a Mini Cooper Clubman

We recently completed the build out of this Clubman for our client NewTek. They specialize in small compact TV Production Studio in a Box solutions so putting together a demo car in a MINI seemed like the best fit.
Basically we built out a complete television production truck (normally 52' long semi trailer) in a Mini Cooper Clubman.

You can see some of their press tour pics and video here

I am sure you guys have lots of questions. I will do my best to answer them so feel free to ask away.

A list of the mods/addons/stuff we did....

1.Installed IPBased Satellite Uplink System

2.Designed and Installed custom rack to house a NewTek XD300 HD switcher and NewTek 3Play Instant Replay unit along with Satellite controller/modem and a 24 HD monitor.

3.Designed/Installed Secondary power system consisting of
a.3000 watt 12vdc to 120vac pure sine wave invertor
b.120vac AutoTransfer switch to automatically switch to shore power when car is plugged in
c.Large Backup Battery giving 1 hour of run time for complete system without car running
d.Independent 12vdc feeds to Alarm/GPS system
e.12vdc feed to CarPC independent from car battery
f.Remote power on CarPC from Alarm Keyfob or authorized iPhone/web browser
g.Feed Cradlepoint Wireless access point router

4.Installed motorized actuators for moving rack in/out along with LCD monitor up/down

5.Installed 2 x 15.3 LCD flip down VGA monitors for back seat operators of the Switcher and Replay units. This had to be done without removing the existing sunroof over those seats.

6.Installed Hardware interfaces for XD300 and 3Play on back of front seats

7.Installed 7 LCD monitor in place of rear view mirror since driver could not see out of rear window

8.Installed Rear view camera for 7 LCD rear view mirror

9.Built and installed CarPC running Centrafuse front end for GPS, music, video and remote control of car accessories such as the actuators on the rack.

10.Installed 16x32 SDI video router

11.Installed Video Patch panel behind license plate in back so the car can be operated completely closed in case of bad weather or heat. (They are from Texas like us)

12.Built and installed custom Satellite cowling to minimize air drag.

13. Installed advanced Alarm with GPS tracking capability and remote control

I will be finishing up the blog site with lots more pictures and video shortly.