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Thread: BMW 335xi E90 install... on a budget

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    Are you able to use any of the steering wheel controls to control anything on the eee? I just got a CPO 2008 335xi and I've been doing a ton of research and I seem to be in a near identical situation. I've got the Logic7 and I don't have iDrive. Right now I've got the iPod adapter and that works fine for now, but eventually I'd rather replace that solution with a carputer and use that for all of my music along with GPS and other goodies.

    Do you know if it's possible to interface the steering wheel controls with the computer at all?

    P.S. Great write up!

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    Unfortunately, you can't use the steering controls. Old BMWs used iBus, which has been "tapped" into, and there are computer hookups to wire into it and use steering controls. There is nothing like that for the newer E9x series, since they use CANBUS.

    One option that I thought of is simply rewiring the steering controls to ONLY control the computer. It wouldn't be too hard, since they are just buttons - but you'd lose the radio control functionality, so might not be ideal.

    I've given up on the idea - touch screen is fine for me.
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    Been reading your thread and a whole load of others for a while now.. Recently got my first BMW and I have to say I love it!

    I've been planning a carputer install for around 5 years now (I know!) but for one reason or another never got around to implementing one. Decided I've got to do it now.

    Nice write up I have to say, and well done on your install. A few questions if I may..

    What kind of cable did you run through to the centre console, was it a custom line-in with a USB ? Couldn't make out from the pics..

    Also from the battery which point did you wire your positive to? (I had a look at the battery in my car today and like ou said it has about a handful of different red wires!

    Finally I've managed to remove practically every panel off the dash and centre (front) console, just to have a look at what space is available (including the climate unit and it's fascia plate-which was a mission!) and I'm planning on relocating the cd and satnav DVD unit to either the boot/trunk or elsewhere in the car.

    I have the idrive but want to be able to keep the functionality of it but also want to be able to get a touchscreen into the dash with a custom bezel- currently looking into what size it will accommodate.


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