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Thread: F150 Lightning

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    F150 Lightning

    My project is going to be for my 2003 F150 Lightning. It has a built motor and a whipple 2.3l supercharger...and all the supporting mods. IT last dyno'd at 609rwhp and will be pushing more power after this month. It'll be down for a few weeks while the engine is pulled and some issues are worked out. I will be adding Trick Flow heads and a full 3" Bassani exhaust with long tube headers. I'm hoping to be in the 650-675 hp range......enough about that

    For my carputer project I opted to go with Apples latest macmini server. I went with the server because it use two hard drives instead of a cd bay. I have a solid state drive (Corsair M28 128gb) for dual booting Snow Leopard and Windows 7 and I'm getting the new 1tb Western Digital 2.5" drive for the other slot for all my media needs. I ordered the power supply and a xenarc monitor here along with some other accessories. This is going to be a slow project but at least I have most of the gear already.

    Here are some pics of the truck:

    I'll try to get some pictures of the inside and get a little bit more in depth about my build soon.

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