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Thread: Asus EEE CArPC need helping

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    Asus EEE CArPC need helping


    SO this is my new project!

    I bought Asus EEE 701 4g, to make it a CarPC, the next few weeks there is coming a 7" touch panel kit on it!

    So i want to know if is there anybody who can help me with building a carpc from my eee?

    In the first i want to plug in:
    -USB disc Patriot X-porter XT Boost drive 8GB
    -And the outside volume control: Creative Labs Xmod USB Sound Card

    And i want to know if the system will be still good-fast for a carpc?

    Which programs do u propose to use on a system like that?


    Tnx for any help

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    I'm also in the process of putting an EeePC in my truck! I just took the dash apart last night to see how much room was there. Unfortunately, not as much as I'd like.

    So far I've put nLite Windows XP on it, removed any and all extra junk. and installed a test copy of Centrafuse 2.0. It runs pretty smooth. I'm running a super-mini bluetooth adapter, paired with my motorola phone (which works incredibly good I'd like to add!). I've got a list of things planned, some of which I've already ordered. First being a touchscreen overlay. I don't care about being able to remove the PC from the car and I'm on a budget, so it was the cheapest route to having a touchscreen. For volume control I'll be using the screen and steering wheel controls (using a CarPC CarJoy adapter, or FusionBrain).

    Why are you using an external soundcard for audio, if you don't mind me asking? My audio output will be from 3.5mm to RCA's to an AUX Input, or my amps should I bypass the factory setup.

    Other programs I've planned on is: GPS (Centrafuse 3.0, or maybe iNavigation), ODB-II Display using Centrafuse unless I find another software I like better. (Don't care about having on screen gauges, Raw numbers are fine by me!), and other than media I'll probably be a nerd and run some game emulators. Not that I'll play them much, but they are reasonably small, and who knows. Maybe it'll keep the girlfriend awake on long road trips. *laugh*

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