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Thread: It finally happened - VW MkV GTI

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    It finally happened - VW MkV GTI

    I have been lurking forever. I have wanted a car pc for years, but I was to focused on performance. Well after maxing out my GTI with a k04 and all supporting mods, I decided to do some entertainment mods

    The car:

    The installation (only got one ):

    The final product:

    A list of all the stuff I got can be found over on google docs:

    Essentially I am running a dual core atom with nvidia ION running windows 7 on a 32gb SSD for the OS and external 250gb for media. It hibernates when I pull the key out and resumes hibernation within 10 seconds. I am quite pleased with the SSD. I have a 120gb OCZ Vertex in my main desktop and that thing screams. I just bought a cheapo SSD, but one that still has good speed. Some of those cheap ones are horrible and a waste of money.

    The computer and dc-dc reculator sit under the driver seat. The 4 channel amp is screwed onto the back of the rear passenger seat. I already had a mono amp and 2 10" subs in custom boxes that were flush against the back of the seats.

    The install for the carpc took 2 days Started thursday at 7pm and stopped at 4am. Continued at noon the next day and finished up at 8pm. I had a minor issue with my rear passenger channel audio not working. It ended up being a squished RCA connector on the amp. It was mounted too low and was interfering. I just redrilled holes and moved it up an inch and all problems were solved.

    I bought a bluetooth OBD2 scanner and leave it plugged into my OBD2 port. Yes I know it draws some current when the car is off, but I am not concerned. It would only be a problem if the car was not turned on for a while and if that is the case, the OBD2 port is just above my feet I purchased Dash Command and made a custom skin matching the stock instrument cluster. At the moment I have air/fuel, exhaust gas temps, air intake temps, and fuel rail pressure. I have plans to implement some other sensors. Unfortunately the OBD2 scanner doesnt pick up all the sensors like my VAGCOM does

    Overall I am very pleased with how this turned out. I have awesome gauges, I have internet radio in my car, I have MUUUUUUCH improved audio quality and clarity, and I have an enormous amount of music in my car at all times.

    I do have to say I thought a carpc was not too difficult to implement, but jeez was I wrong. It is definitely a tough project and props to anybody who does it themselves!

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    Nice looking car and nice computer setup. what front end are you using?
    nice CEL BTW

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    Quote Originally Posted by trititan View Post
    Nice looking car and nice computer setup. what front end are you using?
    2nd paragraph after the pics:
    Quote Originally Posted by staulkor View Post
    I purchased Dash Command and made a custom skin matching the stock instrument cluster.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    Car looks great. I wish my dash kit was that tight in my Tiguan. The screen does not fit square in there. One other question i was look at your parts what power supply are you using. also sound like you put the pc in the hatch. What did you use to extend the monitor and USB cable.

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    He said the pc is under the driver seat. His spreadsheet has the power supply as well as other parts...

    Nice car, I've always been a fan of the GTI

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    Nice Fahrenheit GTI!!!!
    yay for gti's
    If its not broke, try and fix it.
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    I was looking at that i did not know that the 1900 could power a PC like a power source. i thought it would need a separate one for the board. I thought he said it was behind the back seat must have mis read. the leads are still too short to reach there i think, if not what is the routing. my car is very similar to his

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